The electoral program of Dmitry Uss


First Election System of the Republic of Belarus is based on the electoral system in Germany 30 years of the twentieth century.

How does it manifest?

Elections are held, relying on the local executive authorities. So, the director of schools, businesses, head doctors clinics, hospitals contract with the district executive committees and district administrations. The head of the above-mentioned companies and organizations require to become chairman of the precinct election commission. To those who refuse, do not extend the labor contract. As a result, leaders fall in direct dependence on the local executive power, which dictates how much and on what the polling station be vote for a particular candidate in the minutes of the counting of ballots.

To avoid this in the upcoming presidential election on November 4 this year I sent the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko Adkrytae Handling Proposals to urgently make the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus amendment that:

— Each candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus has the right to have a precinct election commission a representative with the authority to sign the ballots and ballot counting protocol.

Without this amendment was not an objective of elections in the country.

Second Restoration of relations with the Russian leadership.

To date, Belarus has a billion dollar loss-making due with what you train Russian transit through the territory of our country (avtotranzit, Transit of gas). Industrial enterprises of our country are buying gas at three dollars per thousand cubic meters, while in 2008 — forty-five dollars per thousand cubic meters.

The cost of production in the country increased by 2 times.

To reduce the cost of production, the new Council of Ministers urgently need to go to Russia for talks on the restoration of mutually beneficial economic relations between the two countries.

Food prices today above the world, and salaries and pensions of less than world prices.

I suggest:

The first imported food products from Western Europe, CIS countries free of customs duties and excise taxes. (For example, in Ukraine in the summer of 1 kg of tomatoes worth two hundred Belarusian rubles, while crossing the Belarusian border is 1 kg of tomatoes for three thousand rubles. Due to excise duty cost rises by 10 times.)

Second Labor pensions increased by Financial Resources Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus. In 1994, the current president issued a decree that all profitable businesses, office buildings transferred to the balance of the Office of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, which is advantageous to deliver them on rent and earns a profit. This gain is not reflected in the budget of the republic and is not checked by the tax authorities. Now in our country, about ten thousand such and such buildings.

This money should be directed to the increase of pensions, benefits to citizens our country.

The third necessary to solve the problem for capital repairs of apartment houses.

Residents living in homes for 30-40 years and pay for the maintenance and repair is not done. They live in unhygienic condition in the emergency homes. This question you need to decide on the state level.

The fourth Create a simplified system of taxation in business without limitations on the number of employees and independent of the company's income.

Fifth Create an enabling legal framework for attracting investments in the Republic of Belarus, enables businesses to investors to be protected at the state level. This will facilitate the creation of jobs with decent wages for Belarusian citizens.

Sixth create agro-industrial complexes in the country for growing and processing of agricultural products. On the basis of such and such complexes create agricultural towns with well-developed social infrastructure and create conditions for the working age population, especially young people, decent working conditions, welfare and recreation.

The seventh state support the development of rural tourism in our country, to raise interest in the history and culture of our country.

Eighth Restore "The principle of feedback" between the legislature and the citizens our country through the local executive authorities through elections by the voters last, not the destination above.

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