The electoral program of Vital Rymasheuski

Vitaly Rymashevski — the candidate of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, a new political force that is created in Belarus.

The organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) brings together all those who are willing to build Belarus on the basis of Christian values and patriotism.

The basis of our economy, politics, social life, we take Christian principles. They all have long known — do not kill, do not steal, do not lie, respect your parents, respect the lives and property of another person.

First BELARUS — an honest politician

The main thing that people want from government — honesty. You're lying, do not fulfill promises — to resign. Stealing — in prison. Supreme Head — means a great responsibility.

Christian Democracy will return the rule of law in the courts, the prosecutor's office, police. Christian Democracy will crush the bureaucracy: the interests of the people will be above the interests of officials.

We compensate for the contributions that people have lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Belarusian students will refund privileges. Bringing back free education for all.

Cancel the current "serfdom" in Belarus — forced distribution.

Cancel the contract system on teachers. Average teacher salaries to the level of the average wage in the public institutions.


Now, from our tax money go to the upkeep of the bureaucratic medical system. Then it is said that the medicine we have for free.

We will stop funding bureaucrats.

Money for treatment will be transferred directly to physicians, rather than through the health care system, where at the moment the lion's share of the funds embezzled.


German pensioners receive pensions, which can travel around the world!

And our parents are forced to work after retirement, to somehow help their children to live by.

We will increase the pension to the European level, it is enough to pay for 20% of the shares of the leading enterprises of Belarus ("Belaruskali", oil refineries) to the pension fund.


Belarusian army will be mobile and professional. Instead of forced conscription — military training from 3 to 6 months. Military service housing guarantee the right of privatization refund benefits and pension after 20 years of service.


The Belarusian authorities for 16 years poison Belarusians radiation. Radioactive products from contaminated areas fall into the shops all cities of Belarus. Excess doses of radiation have every third resident of Minsk (in Bobruisk and slides — two of the three, and so on). People get sick and die. The power of statistics and hides nothing.

The liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster will refund benefits.

Restore an effective system of radiation monitoring of food products all over the country, including in the city of Minsk.

Stop the production of food in the affected areas, stop the use of contaminated land alienated.

Organize the production of drugs that block the radionuclides and accelerate their removal from the body. Ensuring all medical institutions and pharmacies across the country with these drugs.


Where to get money to reform? It's simple — to root out corruption. And do not cheat foreign investors. Then the money will come to Belarus.

We, Belarusian Christian Democrats, will solve the problem of corruption dramatically: reduce the number of officials in the 3 times. Less officials — less corruption! We will take the "Lincoln Law", acting in many developed democracies: the one who will prove the fact of corruption, will receive 25% of the identified.

We will not tolerate theft of public property: no "grabbing"!

Legitimately acquired private property is inviolable.

The courts

Made independent of the government courts and the legal profession. Independent courts — a guarantee of equality before the law for all. Each victim has the right to compensation by the offender caused damage to the extent that his suit, followed by reconciliation of the parties and the release of the one who repents from prison.


Law enforcement agencies and the police will be spared from interfering with their professional affairs by government and security services. No one will interfere with the police.

The police officers who protect us from criminals will be free to carry out their duties. And the "werewolves in epaulets" will go to prison.


In Belarus people are imprisoned for minor violations of the law. And those who steal millions — on the loose. Prison should correct person, not maim.


The dictatorship and corruption will be destroyed when Belarus will present local government.

Mayors of cities, towns and even villages will be selected by people rather than appointed. We will hold elections at all levels without fraud.

Power — the people who live here, not the district or regional mafia!

In order to reduce public spending and increase management efficiency, we, the Belarusian Christian Democrats, administrative reform.

Will eliminate the current administrative division of Belarus on 118 districts, 6 regions and Minsk. It is advisable to enter the administrative section 23 of the region. This will cut the number of bureaucratic levels — instead of 6 regional and 118 district public bureaucracies will be 23 teams of professionals. In this way we reduce the costs of the officials who will be a fraction, and will improve the quality of governance with the transfer of significant powers to the regions. Regional centers will be: Brest, Kobrin, Pinsk, Zhytkavichy, Mozyr, Rechica, Gomel, Kryčaŭ, Bobruisk, Mogilev, Orsha, Vitebsk, Polotsk, Deep, Borisov, Minsk, Maladzechna, Lida, Grodno, Smorgon, Baranovici Sluck, Volkovisk.

Third of all taxes collected in the field should remain in the local budget — respectively, the local council should be given a significant part of all powers.


Each person is given the freedom and the people of God. "Where the Spirit of the Lord — there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17). But freedom — not permissiveness. Freedom — the free choice and responsibility. The Christian Democrats — the freedom from fear, lies and evil.

First of all, we will provide complete freedom of belief.

Faithful to the Church of their property, and today's owners compensate the loss at an affordable price.

In the abandoned villages on the outskirts of the city and give vacant buildings Christian organizations to establish hospices, canteens, Sunday schools and missionary centers.

Freedom of the media in our understanding — is the abolition of political censorship. We will simplify the procedure of registration of mass media and will encourage the creation of newspapers, websites and television stations in smaller cities, towns and even villages.

Fifth BELARUS WILL affluent countries

Free, small and medium-sized businesses — the basis of the national economy. Their own business will be in one day.

When the Christian Democrats Belarusian economy will be fair: the market, but socially oriented. To simplify taxation: every Belarusian will alone, without accounting knowledge, to call their taxes.

Tax Authority acts as a repressive machine. We will stop it!

We will stop robbing Belarusian citizens. Abolish duty on cars
from Europe!

Loans in Belarus will be no more than 3%. Such loans in Europe. Lukashenko takes the European interest on such loans and sells people on the14-17%. That's the power of worries about the Belarusians!

The basis of the Belarusian economy should be a high income of the people who work. Most of the Belarusian enterprises are unprofitable, because people do not have control over the management of the company.

Belarusian Christian Democrats abolish the contract system.

We will create a free trade unions, will give the ability to control where they go now earned money.

We introduce private ownership of land. The middle class will be the backbone of a strong society that can defend their rights.

Gasoline prices

Belarus receives oil for domestic consumption at domestic prices, and gasoline is much more expensive. We will reduce fuel costs for Belarusians.

Prices for apartments

In most cities unreasonably high prices for housing, the cost of Minsk apartments profited Luzhkov and other oligarchs. We will stop the corruption schemes, we introduce a mortgage.


We introduce private ownership of the land: the land should belong to the owner! Belarusian Christian Democrats make modern agriculture based on modern biotechnology.


We will establish mutually friendly relations with Europe and Russia. Distortions in the political and economic relations will be corrected.

Belarus — a neutral country. BCD guarantees non-nuclear status of Belarus and Belarusian non-participation in military conflicts abroad.

Belarusians will be able to visit without visas to European countries.

BCD build in Belarus real European economy based on knowledge-and labor-intensive production, transit, service, tourism, information and environmental technologies.

Belarus, which is located in the heart of Europe, we see it as a highly developed service, financial, technical, scientific and information world-class center on a key geopolitical crossroads.


Belarusian Christian Democracy direct public resources to support the Belarusian families.

We will take the government program to reduce the number of abortions and divorces. To stop the extinction of the nation and strengthen families — a problem for a true people's party, which is a BCD.

Allowance for child care will be at the rate of average earnings for each child up to 5 years and a half of the average salary for a child up to 10 years.

BCD guaranteed loans for housing and the acquisition of property for young families. Family business — support!

We will put into action a set of measures to combat alcoholism general. To counter the poor quality soldering Belarusians "ink."

Delivers the play areas and a casino for the residential areas. Stop the propaganda of immorality.

Together we will win!

We encourage you to defend freedom and justice in Belarus.

As they say the Christian Democrats: Long Live Belarus — Live with God!

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