The electoral system in the United States, or Freedom House in its own repertoire

What distinguishes a good teacher from a disgusting? At least, that first he is able to solve the puzzle that confronts students. Because the creator always puzzled that the Americans, "introducing democracy" around the world, themselves timidly shy away from the natural in such a case the teacher taking "do as I do." They point out that it is true and that — incorrectly in the electoral systems of other countries, democratic, and that — and even undemocratic — whom to vote, and who, according to the views of Washington, it is not necessary. Although it would be easy, come and say, "Guys! We have all the cool work! Do as we do, and would be happy for you! "No, they say. And the question arises: why?

Yes, so it's probably that the electoral system in the "bastion of democracy" do not correspond to the notion of "people power" that if it is to enter the Ukraine, or, say, in Russia, all completed a huge scandal and prosecution authorities in violation of the head, from our point of of view, the democratic principle — the election overcomes the candidate who won the majority of votes. It's funny to say, but this particular principle so natural for nations that America "learn to live" in the United States is considered to be unnecessary.

Overseas "teachers" so all drummed up with the idea that democracy in the U.S., like Caesar's wife, above suspicion that the majority of Ukrainians, Russians and others, according to the views of the West, "barbarian" peoples of the post-Soviet space, even in features and is not interested: how, for example, elect presidents in America? Because not enough in our countries who knows that four (!) In the history of the United States the country's president was elected, having received the majority (!) Voices the Yankees.

For example, George W. Bush, which also loved to teach Russian democracy, became president, despite the fact that it receives half a million people in the United States in less than Al Gore, his main rival. Bush received 50,460,110 (47.9%) votes, and Gore — 51,003,926 (48.4%). It is absurd? Yes. But totally in agreement with the South American law.

The main provisions of the presidential election are set out in Article 2 of the Constitution of the United States, and it comes bundled with 10 amendments. They are easy to understand. Worse than that everything else is regulated by state laws, and lawmakers there did whatever each of their own.

Technical issues are governed by the Code of organizing the elections of the United States (United States Code) and it was even mentioned on the monitoring of elections by the society, but only in one nuance: Chief Archivist of the United States ordered to store the completed and signed certificates of electors for a year and provide public access to them . That's it! No other control from the U.S. or the international community for honesty and transparency of the elections, U.S. law does not provide for. And this despite the fact that the organization of the electoral process at all levels in the states, including the formation of election commissions (the "Board"), entrusted only to local officials. With all this bureaucracy have the right to stand as candidates in these or other positions in the same election that they themselves have to organize it. And they have the right to campaign for candidates from their own parties.

One can only imagine for themselves what kind of howl would raise the Ukrainian or Russian liberals, and if we have lists of election commissions started to make bureaucrats whose names appear on the ballot, and the presence of observers from political parties, international organizations like the OSCE at the polling stations were not allowed to . But our amerikanofily some reason did not delve into the "stuff" of the U.S. election, although strolling along the South American Embassy to later teach us to "live the American way." If only for appearance's sake, perhaps, asked the ambassadors of the United States, as there is in them a "bastion of democracy" to the democratic control of the election.

Broadly it is clear that the U.S. president is not elected by direct vote and the electoral college (Electoral College), or as they are referred to as "the delegation of the state." At this point it should be composed of 538 people. The number of electors from each state and the Columbia Metropolitan Area is dependent on the number of living in their country and people should be equal to the number of congressmen from that state (senators and representatives).

It would seem that nothing terrible. But as each staff decides how to distribute the votes allotted to him, the cruel joke with the Yankees played by the principle of "winner confiscate all" when typed candidate receives a majority of votes of the electors themselves from that state. This is perfectly illustrated by examples from the table below [1], in which pigeons and reddish colors symbolize the two major U.S. parties:

The absurdity of such a system particularly evident in those states where neither the Democratic nor Republican parties do not have a measured the vast majority (the so-called "swing states").

In the end, as in the case of the election of George W. Bush, the composition of the Electoral College on party preferences may not correspond to the choice of the majority of the U.S. population, which would be natural in the case of a direct vote.

A number of states also obliges member of the Electoral College, then give your own voice to the candidate on whose list he was in College. Voting member of the Board for another presidential candidate or abstain from voting, although occasionally, but is also the case in U.S. history. Well, the principle of equality of human beings in such a system is obviously broken. After all, in the mathematical calculation of the ratio of the population and its consulates in the Congress is that voice Voter malehankih State in 10's, and sometimes hundreds of times, and "weighs" more than voice Voter state with a huge population. Where is the democracy, the basic principle of which — the equal rights of people?

Despite the fact that public opinion polls in the U.S. for many years to demonstrate the desire of most Yankees move to a direct popular election of the president, Congress fails all samples measured change two-stage system.

One of the congressmen believe that the lack of one for every state law attaches federalism, ie decentralization of power, someone convinced that inequality is the "weight" of voters can not dominate the electoral process larger towns, while others believed that such a system forces candidates to listen more to the views of different minorities, which can give him crucial support " swing states. "

In short, the election system "Bastion of democracy" so confusing and undemocratic, both in form and in substance, that many Americans because it does not wish to participate in the elections. They rightly believe that their will be a waste of time, as in the USA, 1-x, there is a vast field for the use of so-called "administrative resources", and in-2 — their voice is not enough that the means because in the end the winner is the one candidate who decide to invest their money big business (as is familiar!).

South American foundations, universities and centers that promote democracy in the world, available in the U.S. for some reason did not they say dilemmas. The
y are interested in "democracy"In any other country, but not in his own.

In the middle of January 2012, the self-appointed appraiser "level of freedom" in the world, allegedly non-governmental South American bureau Freedom House, labored another amusing report "Freedom in the World 2012. Arab uprisings and their consequences ". [2] How are they usually the case, the report is accompanied by a beautiful tables and graphs showing how many points of "freedom", according to the views of Freedom House, she has earned or another country. Is there and explain why, in the past year, America "promoted freedom" in Africa and the Middle East, and it this "freedom", it is in the world, according to Washington, is less and less. As if the question of the accounting report of a Salesman, travel around the world to sell the unsold product.

From major overseas supervisors went nuts at all, even by some of America's European allies, though in moderation. On these same U.S. report says something casual and not in the case. For example: "The United States experienced the deepest year of political polarization and legislative" plug "… The legislative branch and the white-washed house were unable to reach agreement on a plan to reduce the lack of applicable federal level. No sooner had Congress and the president fail agreement on the main economic issues, such as criticism of the left … disgruntled rassredotachivanii disparity in wealth and a connection between the politicians and the huge deal to get together to organize a movement "Occupy Wall Street". … Local authorities began to disperse the protesters, police actions often peaceful, but in some cases, using batons, tear gas and arrests … ". And then in the text of the report is soft and seems to be noted in passing: "Some observers have expressed critical comments on the address the police for its implementation confrontational strategy and military-type equipment."

Mention of some "critical remarks" in the address of the American militia and the creators of the report is limited. And then immediately ran over to the "achievements" of democracy in the United States, the main of which they consider implementation Barack Obama campaign promise to allow the service in the U.S. Army gays and lesbians on the criteria that they will not be asked about the sexy orientation, and they would not show it on display. And earned a positive evaluation staff New-york, which joined other states where "marriages" between pederasts.

Other problems with the freedom of the U.S. Freedom House does not see. Queers and lesbians the right to wear the uniform — is, in the views of the creators of the report, much to democracy, and the possibility of electing a minority president of the country or the lack of equality of people of the U.S. in choosing the head of state — a "detail" of No Importance "defenders of freedom" in other states.

And the hunt to quote the Gospel: "Doctor, heal thyself!"

1., article "U.S. Electoral College"

2. There continue to see Freedom in the World 2012. The Arab Uprisings and Their Global Repercussions.

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