The European Union will increase support to civil society in Belarus

This was announced by European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule, speaking at the Center for Eastern Studies in Warsaw on December 6.

EU's commitment to the core values explain why the policy of the EU in the framework of "Eastern Partnership" has some limitations, Fule said. As an example, he cited Belarus, where the EU can not fully participate in the reform movement with no clear this country towards democratization and respect for human rights.

"On the other hand, we can not refuse to participate. EU support to civil society Belarus will efforts, and will work, to facilitate contacts between people, "- said Fule.

European Commissioner explained that such contacts will help the EU to create a basis for more ambitious steps possible under certain circumstances.

The rate and extent of participation of the EU in the reform agenda will depend on progress in conducting elections in Belarus, said Fule.

Speech by European Commissioner entitled "The European Union and Eastern Europe: Post-Crisis convergence" was dedicated to EU-Russia relations, the transformation in Ukraine and the issue of "convergence in the eastern policies related to the" Eastern Partnership ".

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