The famous British aircraft carrier to be auctioned

The famous British aircraft carrier to be auctioned
Representatives of the naval forces of Britain on Tuesday, November 30 stated that implement aircraft carrier Invincible ("Invincible"), reports Associated Press.

The aircraft carrier Invincible, played a significant role in the Falklands War in 1982, will be put up for auction. The starting price has been set. Representatives of the Royal Navy said they would go to this extent because of the looming danger of the military sector funding cuts. Not excluded sale other military equipment.

Overall Invincible served for 25 years and was decommissioned in reserve in 2005. It was used in an armed conflict with Argentina for control of the Falkland Islands. During the war aboard the Invincible was the Prince Andrew, who served as a helicopter pilot. Military action ended in victory for the United Kingdom.

In July this year the Government England Department of Defense gave the order to prepare a plan to reduce costs by 10-20 percent. Earlier it was reported that the savings will be carried out, including through the implementation of redundant military equipment. Namely, do not exclude the sale of fighter jets BAE Harrier, write-offs will begin in 2011. In addition, earlier this month it was reported that ministry Defense wants to renegotiate or cancel up to 900 military projects

Reduce costs of ministries — one of the means by which it is planned to reduce the budget deficit of England.

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