The famous T-34 celebrates anniversary

The famous T-34 celebrates anniversary

Now 70 years old, as the serial release of famous tanks T-34. In 1942, the year of the gate, "Uralmasha" went to war over 250 cars. Some of the "tridtsatchetverok" of those years so far on the go and are able to show that the invention of Misha Cat's acknowledged best tank of the second world war.

37th year. Management of the USSR puts Kharkov design bureau to design a new puzzle tank. Sami military engineers expect from another wheel-tracked vehicle, but the chief of KB Misha Cat model introduced only on tracks, which eventually showed the best results on the test and was accepted for service under the name of T-34.

When the soldiers of the Wehrmacht in first met on the field of battle with the "Thirty," they put it mildly, were in shock. Patency of our car was very impressive — there where even the German tanks thrust wonder T-34 passed without much difficulty. Well armor our vehicles was the best at the time. The Germans were even dubbed his 37-mm anti-tank gun "beater tuk-tuk" as when her shot hits the "Thirty", they just bob on it and bounced.

But before our 76-mm gun German armor was powerless. Besides the best tank 2nd World on the views of many professionals, it turns out, was also the most unpretentious — simple design allows the crew to repair it in the field criteria.
After the plant went down in Stalingrad, the creation of the T-34 assigned to "Uralmash". In September of '42, with its assembly came off the flow of the first 15 cars.

"Tanks collected not only uralmashevtsy, and future tankers. Other words, they immediately understand what is it all the same for machine, of which it is composed. Later, they ran in these cars, guns were shot, and have them ready — as the saying then, "put together" — the crews went to the front, "- says the director of the museum of history of the plant" Uralmash "Sergei Agueyev.

Such T-34-76 in the world there is not more than 7. Two of them — in the tank museum in Kubinka. For example, this machine with an unusual title of "Capital pioneer" was created with funds raised by the children in the November of '42.

"She was raised in 2000, from the bottom of the lake Lazava Velikoluksky district of the Pskov region with eight-depth search engines. When the car was lifted, there were found the remains of the driver. Relatively recently succeeded in establishing his name — this is Sergeant Lukoyanov" — knows at the Central Museum of armored vehicles of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation Andrei Tchernyaev.

Refurbish tanks museum staff and volunteers. One car has to be assembled from multiple — parts put only unique. By the technique there are faster as monuments of history. But that does not stop from time to time, these monuments to expel from the hangar "in the field". And now septuagenarian T-34 clunky "old man" totally looks.

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