The first pickets in Grodno on the words to the songs Neklyaeva

Before entering the market "Central" that the street Polygraphists in Grodno, December 4, pickets were first campaign for Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Neklyaeva and Gregory Kastusiou. The activists handed out leaflets with the programs of the candidates, the music, people sometimes argue.

On the street Polygraphists pretty crowded place, the townspeople rush to market their music encourages and activists give leaflets for their candidates. How agituetstsa?

"Winter, but the one who is interested in taking leaflets, and who are not interested — goes on about his business."

"And the music helps to campaign?".

"Music helps, more fun to work."

Two mistresses in the program carefully vchytvayutstsa Andrei Sannikov. Do they like the candidate?

"It's all in vain, for still Lukashenko wins."

"And why do you think so?"

"And after the vote that someone out there can control how they dismantle our voices? Everything chronicler to Lukashenko won. I do not believe in these elections."

The Other Woman"And I do not believe any one."

"And Alexander Lukashenko believe?"

Woman: "Oh, no, my God fall. Lukashenko lost his mind. It only lasts for a chair, he's not fighting for the people, he fights only for himself. I'm scared to live."

Joins the gentleman who sells warm stselki.

"To me, they do not need nobody, none of them in my life nothing. Neither Kebich nor Kebich nor Lukashenko. As I was getting the minimum pension and receive. How was poor, and I remain."

The other man: "Can I tell you? '.

"Please …".

"Speech of the candidates were very good and the program — are good, but the most important thing now is for Belarus — 19 December to take people to the street. If people come out, they will see the real deal: who voted for whom."

Reporter: "And you think that would not otherwise change the power?".

Mr."No, that's impossible."

I asked in another woman that reads the flyer:

Reporter"What do you think — should change the power or not?"

Mrs."I think it is not just necessary, and needed urgently. Because we have already established a parasitic society."

One adult lord listens to the conversation and also asked to comment on the candidates.

Man: "They are very poor people, they do not have a specific program. I've watched their performances so there: privatize, sell, West will help us, let's go to Europe … But who will go to Europe? Porters, janitors? …".

And next to Mrs. offers all of us hot cakes and added:

Woman: "And I will vote only for the candidate who promises to feed the adult gift three times a day …".

Handing out leaflets for Vladimir Neklyaeva

Voters are interested in the program Sannikov

Handing out leaflets for Andrei Sannikov

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