The game is the Kurdish card. Activation of the Kurdish question

The game is the "Kurdish card".  Activation of the Kurdish question

Kurdish discrepancy for Near East is one of the most unhealthy. It can be used to undermine a large region that contains the country of Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria. The fact that the "Kurdish card" became intensely play, evidenced by the fact that as soon as sharply stepped up their activities for the freedom fighters of the Kurdistan.

History of difficulty

Kurds — is people of the Iranian group of Indo-European language family. Kurdish tribes inhabit the area in the middle and northern parts of the Zagros and the upper reaches of the Tigris and Euphrates, so called. region of Kurdistan. Their own country, they do not have, making significant communities in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In religious terms, the majority of Kurds are Sunni Muslims, some Shiite Muslims, Alevis, Yezidis, Christians.

At the current time they number about 30-35 million people, second in the Near East region, only the Turks, Arabs and Persians. There is a huge community of Kurds in Europe and the U.S., for example in Germany. Most community living in Turkey — in the main on the south-east and east of the country near Lake Van and the town of Diyarbakir. Some Kurdish communities throughout Anatolia, there is a large Kurdish diaspora in the big cities in the west of the country. Their precise number is not known, because the Turkish authorities do not recognize the existence of such nationality, according to some estimates, they can range from 20-23% to 30% of Turkey's population, and that 16-17 million people. However, because the Turkish authorities for centuries held the assimilation of other people (including by force), a significant fraction of their states in the Turkish language, it was for their families, and that about 6 million people. In August 1984, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (was created November 27, 1978 as a Marxist-Leninist Maoist bias, with a strong ideology of the state, it was a favorite of Abdullah Ocalan) declared war on the official Turkish government, which continues to this day. Ankara's Kurdish discrepancy of strongest "headache". Prior to 1999, the Kurdistan Workers' Party acted with the requirements of the design — the immediate proclamation of a self-contained and Kurdistan, which would put together all of the major Kurdish areas outside the municipal boundaries of four countries — Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The party has no multi guerrilla army with a perfectly cooked bases in inaccessible mountainous areas.

The fight against the Turks has a huge history — the rebellion against the Turkish authorities were in 1925, 1929, 1937, and were drowned in blood. The Turkish authorities have made a real genocide of the Kurds, they were forbidden to read in their native language, books destroyed, the very concepts of "Kurdistan" and "Kurds" were forbidden, Kurds recorded as "mountain Turks". Part of the population relocated from the eastern to the western regions to more frisky assimilate the Kurds. Although at the present time, pressurized EU as European countries require greater regionalization and autonomy of the Kurdish people, and their rights in accordance with the standards of European countries, the Turkish authorities have started to soften the regime. Thus, since 2009 allowed permanent transfer in the Kurdish language.

In Iran, the Kurds live in Ilam, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, in some areas of Hamadan and Zanjan. There are Kurds in other parts of Iran, especially a lot of them in North Khorasan, where they settled in the XVII century to protect the area from the Turkmen and the Khanate of Khiva. A total of approximately 6.5 million Iranian Kurds. In Iraq, 5.5-6 million Kurds live in areas of Kirkuk and Mosul, they inhabit the eastern and north-eastern regions of the country. With all of this part of Iraq's Kurdish ethnic areas is included in the formation of a semi-independent Iraqi Kurdistan, with its capital in Erbil, which was created after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the Kurdish movement has received a new lease — the Kurds have been active supporters of the Yankees. The ultimate in modern Iraqi constitution were discussed in broad rights Kurdistan, directly to the right to secede from Iraq in the event of Baghdad own responsibilities. At the current time, Iraqi Kurdistan almost polunezavisim. So, September 2, 2006 Massoud Barzani (early June 2005 the 1st President of the Autonomous Region Iraqi Kurdistan) issued a decree that forbade hang out in Kurdistan flag of Iraq, it is considered a symbol of Arab chauvinism. Therefore, if the Americans leave Iraq, the destruction of Iraq's very likely. Available for a new country and the financial basis: for example, it is believed that the oil supplies of Iraqi Kurdistan — the 6th largest in the world and account for up to 45 billion. barrels. Kurdistan oil up to 2-thirds of all produced in Iraq. And at the center of all Iraqi oil production is area city of Kirkuk. In addition, the region of Iraqi Kurdistan — is one of the main agricultural regions of Near East. It runs up to 75% of wheat Iraq. Thus, only three provinces of Iraqi Kurdistan provide up to half of Iraq's wheat, 40% barley, almost all the tobacco, cotton, and the third part of half a fruit. Usually developed in Iraqi Kurdistan and livestock.

Another nuance Kurdish difficulties — it segodnyaschy situation in Syria, because if the Kurds join there the unrest, the region can really sink into chaos. Do not stand aside and Turkey, Ankara has stated its readiness to intervene in the affairs of Syria, if the border is restless.

Activation of the insurgency

In Turkey, there was naikrupneyshy for the near future battle between the Kurds and the Turkish security forces — a clash in the province of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey country. During the battle, killing two 10-ka Turkish law enforcers and 7 PKK fighters. In May of that year, gunmen attacked the motorcade of the prime minister of Turkey — Erdogan, after a daring attack had to strengthen his arm.

The Syrian, Turkish and Iranian Kurdish situation in Iraq has had a huge impact, because the de facto created a semi-independent Kurdish government, which before independence was one step. Well, this area is now a kind of "reserve", where Kurds from Turkey and Iran can prepare their operations. The Kurds have already passed in the Turkish Parliament, where they can make in the future a significant fraction, given their numbers in the population of Turkey. In addition, hundreds of thousands of Kurds in Syria granted citizenship of this country. It is clear that they are not going to stop, and if they fall, the Assad regime in Syria, they will get another huge free hand. Independent Kurdistan is not far off.

A huge role in this process is played by the Anglo-Saxons: they crushed the regime of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi Kurds have allowed to do their autonomy, support the desire for "independence and democracy" in Syria. Washington plays virtually "Kurdish card" — dealing a blow to Iran, Syria, and Turkey pristrunivaya, which needs the support of the West, on the other, and its fate will be abysmal. And the Kurds are in a historic moment, embodying the age-old dream of his state.

The game is the "Kurdish card".  Activation of the Kurdish question


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