The game of skittles

The game of skittles

The Defense Ministry did not behold the great catastrophe in the debate, which now and then appear in the transmission properties of army civilian authorities.

Managing the Department of Property Relations of the military department Olesya Podgornaja given to understand that you shoot with the balance of the Armed Forces gorodki and objects of social and cultural purposes at some point will go to the local administrations.

Delay this process, the ministry clarify with 2 reasons. First — the huge scale of the operation. In the coming years, the state property must be set 180 thousand military apartments, 426 kindergartens and 211 houses officers. The area identified for the transfer of Land plots achieves 62 thousand hectares. Rapidly re-register it on the new farm owners in any case will not work. The fact is that many release objects army has de facto. And before the alienation of real estate at first military should legislate on it its own. And it asks for the time.

In civil officials — their reasons not to rush with the adoption of the Ministry of Defence property. A well maintained and repaired gorodki Army command offers them very occasionally. After the withdrawal of the garrisons often resemble a slum. To bring them into the divine form, needed 10 of millions of rubles, of which the city budget is not there.

The situation worsens legal confusion. For example, on behalf of the city government of President must take on its own balance sheet kindergartens Defense. How to address the issue with the transfer of funds for their maintenance. But the reality is, as in Ilf and Petrov's "12 chairs". Military they say: first place an gardens to the property after receive money. In response, they hear: give money, and then the real estate problems will not. Who is right and who is povinet — immediately and you will not understand.

A similar pattern with the inhabitants of the towns that have already left the military. The officers and their families moved to the new duty station, and retirees waiting for a roof over his head still in the huddle of old "staff room." How do they spend the winter in abandoned garrisons, where there are no full-time stokers and boilers before the heating season, no one repaired? This question is in the same suburbs have become a headache not only for the "supernumerary" of the population and district officials, and Governor Sergei Shoigu. On this day of 23 military bases already transferred to the municipalities, about one-third of people live. According Olesya Podgorny, to cold, these assets are ready. A complaint to the Ministry of Defense officials suburban unfounded.

— If the right accessories on real estate owned by the city authorities, they are one hundred percent responsible for it. Previously, time is on the maintenance of the Ministry of Defense — explained to Podgornaja.

While civilian and military bureaucrats argue, the inhabitants of the abandoned army camps cautiously look into the future. People do not have a rigid guarantee that they will not have to spend the winter in Bleak apartments. This has happened many times in the former garrisons.

Yet, the alienation of real estate departmental lasts. According to the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense, 65 military camps, 193 excavation site area of more than 10 thousand hectares, about 70 thousand apartments and 185 kindergartens have already found new, civilian owners.

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