The idea of the Orthodox patrol in Russia: Pros and Cons

A lot of information bombs that could split Russian society began to appear in the near future. The game of "oppressed" democracy so loved by many representatives of the so-called creative class that the supply of "information weapons" to unleash a new and new centers of tension was a typical method of self-expression. The complex of "new initiatives" from time to time just striking in its monumentality.

The idea of a Russian Orthodox Patrol: Pros and Cons

Only otshumeli "March of Millions" and "Galactic march" come to naught "Control walk in Moscow," began to appear as a new pressure points and wounds on the public body that are often many stakeholders deliberately sprinkled with salt and checked for sore fingers butting with unshorn fingernails.

The epic under the title "Pussy Rayot" became one of the main themes of the near future. And the theme of this came many to taste to such an extent that under this shop were to sum up all the troubles that exist in Russia for the last 20 years. Verdict notorious many girls here have used, in order to show the proximity of church and state in our country, zapamyatyvaya that the law should be the same for everyone, and shaped as letters of the Criminal Code applies not only to the cellars and night-clubs, and on the premises of the temple buildings .

Distant place about coming forth with new performances of sexy uninhibited population, from porn stars to officials of the municipal scale with a very unique preferences in terms of sexy orientation. Near abroad in the face of notorious gologrudyh masters of provocation with chainsaws in the hands of an awl and elsewhere decided to declare war on Russian Orthodoxy in order to "convey to the public the infringement of rights will give in Russia." And "democratic mass" and decided to support the Russian and Ukrainian "patriots." But that's exactly what support? — Samples spit into the souls of millions of believers, the samples defile Christian shrines, the samples to test for the presence of loopholes Penal Code, or something else?

Do not forget that if sore point is found, and there will be specifically directed more and more strikes. As in all the "glory" proved Pussy Riot and FEMEN, so many opposition movement has once again declared religion the opium of the people. Weird, contemporary opposition try to take a little of such ideologies, which until then had seemed simply not comparable: Lenin's "opium", Gorbachev's "glasnost and pluralism," South American "dream" satanic desecration of temples and fornication in public, references to uphold the Constitution. Basically, the name of the adherents of "pictorial" of the mix opposition, even do not dare, because the real opposition defend a coherent set of laws, rules and regulations that do not meet the principles of the existing authorities. A pile of completely non-overlapping trends: from trying to put an equal sign between intoxicated priests who knocks people on the streets of Russian cities, and in fact the Orthodox faith attempts to accuse those who do not support their plan, or in the Masonic conspiracy, or in Putin zombiing — how- is heavily stacked in the definition of the political opposition and public protest.

The emergence of modern information bomb after the announcement of FEMEN spokeswoman for the start of the war with the Christian holy places in Russia, and after the desecration of domestic Russian "activists" Orthodox churches in different towns of the country, do not force myself to expect. In this case, this time bomb tossed favorite motion "Holy Russia" Ivan Otrakovsky. He said that in Russia to create the Orthodox squad, which will deal with the protection of religious sites from vandals.

In principle, at least some ordinary person, what would it relate to one or another religion had not, could be tempted to appropriately meet people who intend to pour paint churches, cut down with an ax icon or shoot down the crosses from churches. Except that from a legal point of view chapters offer movement "Holy Russia" can cause a variety of issues. Let's try to guess which side it's the largest number of concerns about the idea Otrakovskogo. Well, of course, by the so-called opposition side, which, in principle anyway, that said, one or the other man, just to have the opportunity to sketch "universal flood" the full implementation of the program from mandatory inclusions "Kremlin stooges" or "Gundyayev prepay." And the flood, it must be said, went to the mountain …

Words about the creation of the Orthodox detachments were instantly equated to the idea of not separately taken person, but to the nation-wide politics. As if that is not an expression that is before the actual implementation oh, how far, and the most that neither is a law passed by parliament in the walls. Of course, the word has taken the main advocate of human rights in Russia — Mrs. Alexeeva, who is also called upon to create a squad as opposed to atheistic Druzhin Orthodox. What should be protecting these vigilantes are not very clear … Maybe Ludmila Alexeeva is interesting to note in his own Twitter account, Dmitry Rogozin, is going to blow up and rob the church, protecting the interests of atheists …

In the end, the idea of the development of the Orthodox warriors turned into another episode for hassle-free.

If you read from a neutral position, the idea of "Holy Russia", of course, does not stick to the Russian legislation, even if, as in Russia there is a system of law enforcement agencies, which by definition should lead the work to comply with constitutional norms and law enforcement. It turns out that the very existence of some teams is not mating with the activities of law enforcement, anti-constitutional, and may, indeed, lead to the latest confrontation.
But if talk by a person indifferent to what is happening in the country, to realize the same Otrakovskogo possible. When the sight of hundreds of people a place to be desecration of holy sites, the spread of the mottos of the persecution of the new religion and the samples we add artificially church rituals to secular laws when police authorities apparently are not controlled by this new challenge, and the speakers themselves, arranging provocations in the address of believers, cynically recall the commandment "to substitute the left cheek," that the idea of creation, speak out so that the inside of a religious service itself does not look too awkward.

The idea of a Russian Orthodox Patrol: Pros and Cons

Yes, the development of Orthodox squads — is the very embodiment of the proverb: Spit had found on the stone. Kos — is to protect the interests of believers, stone — a secular legal system of the country.

To braid with a stone missed all the same, now there is one principle: respect for the law and the one and the other parties. But for this to work productively Russian justice system. If human which, I'm sorry, defecates at the gate of the temple into a symbol of protest against the court decision or another, will try to
put a fighter for freedom and human rights, and the law enforcement system will turn a blind eye to it, then such a system cost a penny. A penny worth it, and in this case, if criminal cases of the clergy (of whatever denomination they may belong) dissecting the off-road after drinking a bottle of whiskey and killing people on the roads, artificially will descend on the brakes.

It turns out that there is no difficulty and debate around the need or lack of need for the creation of religious warriors, was not, if to each man in our country realize their responsibility before the law. So far, unfortunately, this understanding can allow themselves to far, not all for a variety of reasons: from trying to solve their problems with the tight budget in mind before trying to cover up the universal principles of democracy.

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