The internal energy of a person

The question of energy — the most important question. From the level of the internal energy depends everything: health, its success in the community and financial well-being.
How much will be balanced by the three — separate conversation.

Chinese medicine distinguishes between innate and acquired energy. Congenital stored in the kidneys, depending on its level of human activity and its longevity. It is consumed in the process of life and usually are not reversed.
Purchased energy is replenished by external sources of energy, such as food, air, earth, the sun, etc.

The higher the level of internal energy, the more opportunities can reveal a person is, the brighter and fulfilling his life and stronger health.
To increase the internal energy should be used in two ways:

shut it unreasonable expense,
proper use of the sources of its receipt.

The immediate cause of most chronic diseases is a lower level of energy. Moreover, current treatments: prescription drugs, medical devices and others further reduce this level.

The causes of uncontrolled energy consumption

Excess or perverted sexual activity (drains innate vital energy).
Malnutrition, poor quality, unnatural food (fast food).
"Slagging" of the body, poor bowel.
Polluted air and poor breathing.
Mental overload, anxiety, empty chatter.
Uncontrolled emotions (anger, fear, sadness, etc.).
Habitual negative state (wont be always unhappy, imperious, "cool", etc.)

Bad habits.

Drug use (as well as sex, drain, especially the innate life force).
Artificial stimulation of the senses (erotic / porn, horror movies, gambling, etc.).
Excessive activity (restlessness) dissipates the energy itself is a sign of a low energy level.
Separation from nature and the lack of communication with the soul (soullessness).
Lack of physical activity.

Lock energy

Blockage of energy creates the impression of a low energy level. Common in young people who have not yet been able to expend their innate energy.
Marked sense of tension, stiffness, depression, with occasional uncontrollable emotional outbursts.
Prolonged blockage can cause a real reduction in energy.

Drinking large amounts of meat, alcohol and spices leads to an excess energy of poor quality. This results in a severe infection and disease states.

Restores energy

The first thing to do — to eliminate unreasonable consumption. It makes no sense to pour good wine in a jug full of holes.
Tidy your life naladte your sleep and reasonable use sexual energy.

In most cases this will be enough to feel healthy and adequately manage the affairs of your daily life.

Renewable energy:

Good nutrition and regular drinking regime.
Breathing exercises (pranayama).
Sufficient physical activity, and various psycho-energetic exercises / techniques. For example, "The great mental breath"
To the best of various positive emotional experience.
Meditative relaxation at one with nature (not to be confused with picnics).
Daily meditation, periods of silence, peace of mind.
Get enough sleep.
Compliance with your inner spiritual aspirations of the (way of the heart.)
Natural Medicine (tonic herbs: ginseng, nard, golden root, etc.). Use no more than one month in the season, except summer.
Wearing appropriate gems and semi-precious stones.

More specific recommendations do you know, identifying their individual constitution.

If you block the energy useful exercise and creative intellectual activity, change of impressions, changes in life, active recreation.
For those who intend to follow the path of knowledge and uncover all the possibilities, you must have enough free energy and the ability to manage it.

You can release the energy by eliminating from your life useless and energy intensive behavioral programs.

An additional attraction of energy — is developing the ability to build and take control of the previously scattered energy.
The fact is that in the process of life energy is gradually dissipated, moving from the center to the periphery of the energy body. Control over the "peripheral" energy for the average person is not possible, which is equivalent to its loss.
Provided targeted training and perfect way of life can be under control of the scattered energy, collect it and use it for other purposes.

Two energy-saving technology:

Language circuit (nabhi-wise). Ensures the continuity of the circulation of energy in the circuit of small heavenly circle.
Habit to always keep stomach tightened.
Keep the stomach from the pubic bone to the navel slightly strained, as if slightly while pressing into the abdominal cavity. This "seals" the open-field and low light "packs" energy downstream, soaking her internal organs.
In addition, produced the correct posture.

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