The Japanese have created the first robot avatar


Experts Tokyo Keio University have developed a humanoid robot that can be controlled from the first person — just like Text of James Cameron's blockbuster movie of the same name.

In order to control the robot, you need to put on a virtual reality helmet, a special vest and gloves. Sensors are installed on the capture of human movement and make the robot to perform the same action. In this case, the sensors of the robot to become its operator senses.

So, managing the robot man looks at the world "through the eyes" robot, whose role is played by special cameras, and vibration gloves can feel the touch of the "arms" the robot to hard surfaces and objects. "When I put on his helmet and other equipment, I see and feel the hands of our robot as if they were my own," — explains Xie Kamuro, one of the developers of new items, called "TELESAR Vie" (TELESAR V).

In Keio University believe that such robots in the near future will be used in those cases where the work requires specialized human skills, however, is complicated by dangerous conditions.

In particular, during the past year the liquidators of the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" active use of robots to work in conditions of high radiation, but the use of these vehicles on tracks equipped with manipulators inactive, it was very limited, as the robots just could not perform Some steps that are not so difficult for a person.

Presentation of the invention took place back in November 2011. During the presentation, the machine operator is wearing a helmet equipped with a 3D-display and headphones, allowing the operator to receive video and audio signals that the robot currently sees and hears.


The system is so accurate that it can even detect uneven surfaces, up to the part of the LEGO. "Hands robot can not move as freely as a man, but they are very close to it thanks to its 15 degrees of freedom," said Masahiro Furukawa, associate laboratory Thaci.


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