The land of huge stores, huge God and hassle-free transport (The Atlantic, USA)

Land of great shops, great God, and trouble-free transport ("The Atlantic", USA)During the years before Senisha Milavanovich came to America, he looked to his own wife, the movie "Christmas Vacation" (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation). When the 1989 satirical comedy showed a typical South American family in the light of the Christmas lights, Milavanovich laughed — but not only on the ridiculous antics of Chevy Chase (Chevy Chase). Broadcast journalist This American Life, he said that the idea of your own home decorations Christmas illuminations appeared to him jestingly. "When you watch a comedy, you realize that everything is exaggerated, that was ridiculous. When I watched the movie, I thought that this may not be true. Lights very much," — he said in 2010 on this broadcast.

Imagine a surprise Milavanovicha, when he moved to Fargo, North Dakota, and the December evening taxied out to the street on the outskirts of the city. "We were not certain just flashlights, but also lighting," — he told a reporter about his own ground, classy Christmas in America. "And we uttered at each other — they are in fact decorate their homes because it was done in the movie Chevy Chase!"

Transfer of This American Life, that has been discussed with the move to the U.S. as refugees — most of their own conflict — has found that the number of foreigners shocking things that ordinary Americans believe: the public expression of sympathy, the highest rate of obesity, a family who give their own parents in old homes the elderly, the owners, kissing own dogs, widespread possession of his gun. "Look rapidly and do not turn around" — an Iraqi father in fear goes to their children, when their car by armed motorcyclist rides. Toddlers and frightened because until now they thought gun belonging only the police and criminals, asking: "Why the gun What he wants to do?"

Many foreign guests to the U.S. may seem so nasty and weird place that guides outline in detail everything from the risks start a conversation about politics to respect the council sadly known private place Yankees. But what did they find, getting in America? Transfer of This American Life interviewed representatives of the relatively narrow stratum of strangers, but the discussion on the website Quora beyond the radio segment and asks web users around the world to tell their astonished in America.

Nick themselves say their stories, and some accounts are anonymous, so it is difficult to find whether any of the stories exaggerated or even false. But, there are a number of immutable fact (it is enhanced by my personal impressions of the stories I know expats in the U.S.), which can tell how about the people themselves, who come to the United States, and about America itself.

Indescribably well-stocked supermarkets: If you've ever been to the grocery store Developing States, you may be able to realize that many people feel strangers, the first time he found himself in the South American gaping store filled with amazing freshest produce at least some of the season, regardless of the current season. A friend of mine from South Asia separately noted "abundance" of food, and some even incredulously wondered what happens to the products that have not been sold.

Americans in fact adore own municipal flag: for the Yankees like me going to school, where every morning lay a hand on heart and swear allegiance to the flag of the United States seems to be common, even obvious. However, in other countries it is the least vserasprostraneno, and I learned that the students who had studied abroad, find it astounding and even sick. The reader website Quora from Brazil added that he was surprised by "the number of American flags that are visible everywhere, from every place, in every town in which I have visited."

They also love to God: "Amerikosy more religious than I ever could have imagined, looking South American television" — told me a friend of Pakistan, when I asked what it was amazed at the first visit to America. Quora user from Ireland writes about the "prayer breakfasts in a white house. Educated people believe in the doctrine of creation. Unlimited number of churches and denominations. Truth People strolling in the church."

I mean — you can not bargain?: In almost all parts of the world prices of almost all depend on how the contract, but in the States, this possibility is limited only by the market of used electrical and newspapers ads. I've heard a lot of stories about how foreign buyers took the refusal to bargain as a cashier usual coquetry. One Quora user is aware of their own relatives Russian: "On sales at restaurants and even the fact that bargaining is not feasible, the smallness of their very disappointed and amazed."

So there is not a little junk food — if it is, of course, in general, you can call the food: Indonesian friend mused about the popularity of "synthetic food products" from "bekoneza" (Baconnaise — kosher product based on the bacon-flavored mayonnaise — approx. per.) And Light Lime-a-Rita (beer with taste and lime margarita cocktail) To spray butter (which essentially no oil is). Visit the website from different parts of the planet say they were in awe of the size of portions, one man from Eastern Europe (which, in my feeling, give huge portions) said that he still has to share a portion of Restorannye own wife. Some nick Quora from India depict a nightmare of their own wealth and access to American food. Some amazed possibility of free agents. "Even in the most McDonalds and KFC restaurants outside the U.S. does not have." Another user was struck by the fact that "you can take the leftover food from the restaurant back home in a box."

Mystic "culture of convenience": "Everyone knows about American culture amenities: 24-hour stores, fast food," Decent Days "," — wrote one user, associating the "culture of convenience" with "American culture" a bit more cramped than it would be flattering. "This is — faster nice. McDonalds at the mall in Beijing or Brazil — is hell. But go to breakfast at McDonalds restaurant in Los Angeles, and all that will amaze you: the design and appearance, the food, the behavior of the staff. Not clumsy formula, but culture of life. "

Here, too, there is poverty: "In fact it's hard to believe," — says one of the users that in the richest country in the world there are hungry kids. Another writes: "San Francisco is probably one of the richest cities in the richest country in the world. Behold I was waiting for prosperity. Behold I was not expecting such poverty. And every time I visit of the city looks all the worse and worse." A refugee from Iraq who spoke with the transfer of This American Life, so taken aback, litsezrev bloodless lady in Central Park in New York, had called 911, assuming that she is sick, injured — whatever you like, but not bloodless in America.

As they are forced to comply with all the rules of the road?: Citation taxi drivers from time to time considered a model of lazy journalism, but there is a general trend in principle, found me in the middle of the taxi drivers working in the U.S. workers and taxi drivers, who come to look at States: their surprise at how diligently South American drivers comply with traffi
c rules. In comparison with the United States, driving vehicles in almost all the towns of the developing world is similar to uporyadochnnym chaos — drivers ignore not only the reddish red light and speed limiters, and dividing strips, and even the direction of motion. If you go to Cairo and rent a car (note: do not rent a car in Cairo!), You will be required to follow the standard manner of driving "every man for himself", though if you want to get somewhere, and will be led, as if you were in the United States — have never even check out the parking lot.

The magic of American roads, as it is called outsiders, that it only works in this case, if all the prototype and follow written rules and unwritten rules. And follow.

None of what I beheld in the TV series "Friends": United States as well known as is generally known may be the country. People around the world will find out America for films and TV shows that dominate the world of entertainment culture. But these media descriptions from time to time only increase, not dissipate misconceptions. A Chinese friend of mine once said that, obviously, young Americans are changing their own passions every week, because she beheld it in "Friends," "Sex and the bolshennom town," and in a huge number of other television series. They can not lie.

Nothing of what I heard at home: Quote from another 1st nick Quora reflects how vaguely represents the world for themselves some South American social customs, in particular — our practice to put old in a nursing home:

"Many Indians were surprised to find out that so many Americans in fact love their parents, brothers and sisters, wives and kids, and support them with normal, healthy things. Our media have assured them that the Americans are very selfish, kicks them out 'of their own kids home after school, not fussing about her own parents divorced and their wives. And I swear, this is essentially this: many Indians do not believe that this is not true — until such time as do not fall within the States and do not behold the bad examples are not healthy family relations. I had a heated debate with people who have never been to the States, but may give lectures on how to fuck up the family values in the United States. "

And where cowboys?: Often in America, seen in movies, reputation — better than the real America. Guest web site Quora from Eastern Europe has experienced an extreme form of such a surprise: "When we were in 1981, fled Czechoslovakia (which at that time was still a Communist), I was only eight, and I thought that America was like before looks like a the era before 1900 — Wildly West, Gold Rush, and all that. Maybe it was all that showed on TV? In any case, I waited to behold horses tied to a post near the post office or store mixed products. Imagine a my surprise! " That's it — the fact that even such a popular country like America, in this sense, is identical with all the others: you will not know it until such time as you see with our eyes.

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