The Mayan calendar has a more ancient source — Slavic calendar

People turn to the true values.

Immediately a number of serious scholars and researchers point out that the famous calendar May has a more ancient source — Slavic calendar.
Turns out to be Maya predicted the end of the world, and the Slavs predicted recovery and purification of Russia, her ascent after 2012.

"… How much did not argue the scientists and how fiercely they did not prove their case, the truth they are no longer able to hide … calendar of ancient Slavs in their grants much faster than all the others and has its roots in the mists of time."

The true name of the calendar of ancient Slavs — KalyadyDar Da'Ariysky Krugolet Chisloboga.

Interestingly, the Slavic calendar has its chronology on many dates at once, for example today in 2012. This year is referred to as:

— Summer 7520 from the Creation in the Star Temple

— 13020 Summer of the Great cold snap

— 44556 Summer of the Great Creation Colo Russenia

Calendar of Ancient Slav said hundreds thousands (!)
Maya then and was not in the nature! ))))

Summer 106 790 from the base of the Asgard Erie

— Summer 111 818 from the Great Migrations of Daarija

— Summer period from 140,002 Three Moons

That's not all. Slavs delve further …

— Summer 153,378 from Assa Dei

— Summer Time 185,778 from Thule

— Summer 604 386 (!) On the time of the Three Suns

So, it would not be the end of the world.
And on the calendar of the Slavs are delayed dozens of new millennium.
Intrigue in the end of the world is that in reality neither of which side of the world in the calendar speech there. This fact has been well studied by Mexican scientists.
They said that there will be only a few astronomical events to climate echoes in the world.

Scholars in economics confirmed the opinion of other colleagues and said that, in principle, end of the world as such, and it seems most certainly will not, but economic failure happens when the price will be no services as such, are in a lot of offers in the West and Europe, and real goods, which are mostly located in Russia and China.

Therefore, in 2012, will begin active prosperity of these countries, but at the same time nischanie Europe, the collapse of the U.S. individual states that Western civilizations and their governments will be the end of the world.
But this will be the end of the world is not physical, and economic.

There is a danger that the embittered West dare to war with Russia and China, but in this case, the attackers will find eternal rest, and the Russian victory.
That at all times the prophets.
Hundreds of such predictions, and among them the most famous of them Nostradamus.
Oh so that Russia did not like calling it not only as Tartary!
Or the Russian barbarians.

It turned out also that the Mayan calendar — this is just one of the great prophecies of land redistribution.
According to the Fathers' values are mere visual, and lies will not hide in color, not painted the color of truth. "
This means that people will turn to the true values, they will cease to seduce beautiful package.

It will be important only the essence, not appearance.

Quality and naturalness will be the most important.

The fact that the real end of the world will not come much to say and Nikolai Grube German scientist who works at the University of Bonn. Germany …….!!

He writes: "Anyone who analyze characters of the ancient people of Mexico, inspected the written warning of an imminent global cataclysm from which allegedly hurt the planet."

Why is it in America and Europe today does not stop wailing about the coming end of the world?
Because it is in these places accumulated lies that should fall "like a curtain."

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