The meaning of the Slavic-Aryan holidays

The days of Alexander the Founder Vinitar Warrior, Gorislava Martyr, Svetozar Eternal Haryana Righteous — Commemorated Pater Diev.

Day Ramhata Wanderer — Day Belovodsky Prince, who brought order and Dravid Dravid and Nagas banned human sacrifice the goddess Kali Ma, giving them the wisdom of auroras (Rig Veda). In the Indian epic Ramayana, it is known under the name of God — King Rama whose leader Rakshasa — Rabban (Rabbi) stole his wife Sita.

Dida Day — a commemoration of the birth grandparents Lines (paternal) visiting cemeteries, graveyards etc.

Temple of the Soul's Day — a day when people should bring order to the soul. He must attend the service in the Temple, to bring gifts to the gods and ancestors, to the Clear Light in his soul from the Temple Ognevitsy. This day completes the Net Post.

Days Vechezara Mucheka, Aristarchus Warrior, Bohuslav Asgardskogo, Igor Warrior, Haryana Martyr, Bohuslav Martyr Trislava Warrior (there is a 4 book), Leda Female Warriors, Svyatozar Savior Sergius Radiant, Ratislava Asgardskogo, Ruslan Warrior (there are four in the book), Ivan Ancient of Days — Days of Remembrance Pater Diev.

Day Ratibor Wanderer — day celebration of the Magi — Magician Ratibor, which he commanded to live in harmony with nature and benefit from the great power of nature. On this day in all your dwellings conservatives must be put into water sprigs of currants. Currant is the Goddess of Winter tree madder (Mary). When blooming currant leaves from home banished winter, cold relations, distrust, lies, cheats, etc., and the house comes to Spring (on the day of Mother Earth's raw data or God elevated branches currant transplanted into open ground).

Demetrius Day Capena — Organizer. This day is honored Hramoustroitel Demetrius, he offered both gifts and demands that the family and kinship arrange and welfare has always been under the protection of the gods creators. Also, he had a special offer gifts and rites, sparking in his memory sacred fire before any construction or repair that all went well and was made to last.

Day of Vesta, the goddess of spring (vernal equinox) — This day celebrates the arrival of spring to the ground, arriving birds. In all kinds of baked dough larks, muffins and cookies with solar symbolism.

Krasnogor. Shrove Tuesday (the second day of the Spring Equinox). This day celebrated seeing the Goddess in her madder Winter Ice Halls, located in the North. On this day, a huge lighted ognevische (fire), in which everyone present at the festival throws a small doll made of straw, which speaketh wishes of happiness, joy, good harvest, etc. Along with the doll in the fire rush pancakes and grain (millet, oats for the growth of abundant food for domestic animals) to the gods bestowed bountiful harvest. Held festivities and jumping through the individual (other than a sacrificial) ognevische to clear savoyu soul and bodies. Are found dances, games, etc. In the two days of the Spring Equinox prohibited the use of alcohol and intoxicating drinks, "Do not drink intoxicating drink, do not say a swear word." This is followed by all except the men who completed the debt to Rod (9 children) or have hereditary circle (16 or more children). Him in those in the second day is given a small cup Surits (27 grams).

Day of the Goddess Tara (younger sister Tarh Dazhdbog). This day is honored Goddess Tara — Patron of Sacred Forests and Trees. She brought gifts required. In the rush to the altar of fire seeds and grains to produce abundant crops needed to feed people. On this day in her honor held a service and Great Bratchina — common meal, tea party, participating in a holiday feast. Members bring dishes that they created with their own hands for the common table. Before the Great Meals from each dish takes little to offer a sacrifice to the Goddess Tara and the rest of the gods and ancestors.

Day One Asgardskogo — day Pater Diya Odin, who blessed Birth of Prince Skanda Erie for resettlement in the North-western area (in Scandinavia). On this day, held a service in honor of the god Odin.

Thor Sventogardskogo day — the day Pater Diya Thor founder Sventogarda (Sventovita city), and a day of worship and celebration of the gods Thor and Sventovita, koi daily battle with the forces of darkness, and in the evenings staged lavish feasts, which are granted by all the soldiers who fought and are fighting against the dark forces. The best gold belt Svetnovit gives courage and God gives Thor a beer from the Horn Force Good luck and victory. With all the temples there Sventovita guards the Golden zone in which elected only the most deserving. In the old days, not every prince or Voivod had a golden belt, and only selected for their courage and bravery.

Remembrance Day of the Ancestors — the day that honors all ancestors of all births. On this day, committed to the service of all cemeteries and churchyards, on tombs and burial mounds are induced cleanliness and order. In addition to the gifts and require dead relatives, their final resting lit sacred fires (candles, oil lamps, ognevitsy).

PASKHET — Path Asami Hodyashe eat solid Creation — the day of the 15 years of relocation of our great ancestors of Daarija in Russenia and Belovodie, and how our ancestors in the 16th summer glory of all the gods and priests of the Savior for salvation from the Great Flood.

Mitra Savior day — the day of worship of Mithra, who saved and Childbirth Russenia Svyatoruss drought, gave them food and water and leave in what have what land blooming move. Because Mithra saved Births dark forces him chained to the Caucasus mountains and sent wild birds pecking at his flesh. Mitra three days between life and death. Of Sorts Svyatoruss was elected team from Fairy best warriors, led by Priest — Warrior As'Tara. She led the soldiers to the place of torment Mithras, where they were defeated dark forces, freed from the shackles of Mithras, enlivened by his power of his love, after which the Divine Chariot of Fire rose from Mithra in heaven. Since then, many genera of South Scythia As'Taru revered as a goddess of the High Renaissance and saving love.

Hence the legend that the gods were crucified on the third day rise again, as in the Caucasian mountains was crucified and Tarkh Dazhdbog, rescued swans Jiva. In America — Ketsatkoatl was crucified and on the third day He rose again, saved by a woman. In Palestane crucified Jesus, who rose again the third day, and the first to know about Mary Magdalene.

Renaissance Day Tarh Dazhdbog — he fought with the forces of darkness, they asked for mercy, a truce and made a feast. At the feast of drinking spiked tarhi sleeping potion, and he slept: and chained him chained to the Caucasus mountains to predatory birds and beasts tore his flesh. Goddess Jiva freed him from the bonds, suffered on his Swan Wings in the hole to the merger of Tara Tara and Iria, where, together with her sister Tarh — Goddess Tara, they healed his physical wounds, and the power of the Supreme Goddess Jiva saving love and Renaissance breathed into it new strength and life, after which the wedding Tarh Dazhdbog and Goddess Jiva. Dazhdbog, as well as Mithra was three days chained to the Caucasus Mountains and was between life and death.

Naming days — a month Elet when nature blooms and wake up on the ground all natural forces are naming ceremonies (name, bride and groom, the priests, the wise men, princes, Hanami, knight, vigilantes, etc.).

Days — Vseslav Erie, Aristarchus Righteous, Borislav Savior, Radomir Incanter, Vedamira Asgardskogo — Pater Diev memorial days.

Lely Heavenly Day — This day is celebrated Victory Day Dazhdbog the dark forces that are not collected Kaschei Lele (closest to Midgard moon). Dazhdbog destroyed a small moon Lelia and destroyed the dark forces who were preparing to seize Midrarda (our Earth). Since then, there is a custom for the day Heavenly Lely painted bird eggs and bob them together. Break the egg is called the Egg Koschei and whole — Power Dazhdbog. Broken egg always give enemies or animals, and the whole eat themselves. Also, in this day glorified Goddess Lola, daughter Lada Virgin.

VEDA — INTA — (INTA — Truth Our firm Asa) — the day when the esteemed wisdom, which left us all the bright gods and ancestors Mnogomudrye.

Mother's Day Raw Earth — day celebration of the Mother Goddess of damp earth. On this day, she sacrificed the best seeds, fruits, vegetables, and ask that everything that goes into the fire was abundant in labor. On this day, many fruits and vegetables are planted in open ground, and planted a variety of cereals.

Day of the Virgin Frets — stated in the Vedas.

Days — Vsevolod Wise Vedaslava the Just Ratibor Warrior — Pater Diev memorial days.

Day of God elevated — stated in the Vedas.

Day of God Yarovita — stated in the Vedas.

Day wisdom Budha — the day, the best for self-introspection and self-improvement. It is a day of awakening buddhic consciousness. On this day, Hindus worship Gautam Buddha.

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