The measuring range of the Kapustin Yar upgraded by 80%

The measuring range of the Kapustin Yar upgraded by 80%

Completed staffing Municipal Central Multipurpose landfill Ministry of Defence (Kapustin Yar, Astrakhan Oblast) is fitted with measuring devices, acquired in 2012. In fact, a two-fold increase in the supply of new measurement tools in comparison with the previous year allows for re-measurement system of landfill by 80%.

Among the supplied measuring equipment comes Fri reception one time, the antenna complexes, complexes for processing of the measuring disk imaging, radio relay stations, others funds.

Also at the landfill measuring complex held profound modernization of the 60% previously installed measuring devices. In addition, at the site currently being carried out brand new development work, which will allow tasks to do to ensure the testing of weapons and military equipment at a highest level.

In recent years, the central city of interspecific ground Russian Defense Ministry delivered more than 150 of the latest measuring instruments.

Now Municipal central interspecific Kapustin Yar is a single research complex, having the highest scientific and technical potential, the development of experimental and technical base, profitable climate, terrain and airy space, allowing to carry out tests, and joint testing of defensive and offensive weapons systems for all services and arms of the Armed Forces. Specifically, the test pieces of the combat equipment of ballistic missile test site Kapustin Yar is unique. Only the test routes and landfill measurement system allow testing of promising military equipment across the entire spectrum of possible criterion of delivery to targets.

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