The meeting will be held without the representatives of the Arab League Damascus

The critical meeting Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League members (Arab League) to be held today in the capital of Morocco will be without representatives of Damascus, which refused to participate in the discussion of the situation prevailing in the Syria.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry vserasprostranennom now states that Damascus also be removed from the role at the 4th session of the Arab-Turkish forum.

The communiqué reads: "The government Syria decided not to participate in the meeting of the Arab League after receiving a message from the government of Morocco. "Details were not disclosed.

Meeting League will be held on the rising political and diplomatic pressure on the official Damascus carried out most of the Arab countries and Western countries, which continue to incriminate the Syrian authorities in the oppression of the opposition force methods.

League make out the following acts against Syria in view of the events that took place on November 12. Recall that if the Arab League after the meeting it was decided to suspend Syria's role in the meetings of the organization. Go with it its member States were invited to withdraw ambassadors from Damascus.

Official Damascus received an ultimatum — either Syria have made all the points of inter-Arab plan to normalize the situation in the state, or its expected political and economic sanctions. The plan provides for the refusal of the authorities of the power of oppression of protests, troops withdrawal from cities, the release of the arrested marchers protest and start a dialogue with the opposition.

Taieb Fassi Fihri, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco recently invited Syria to take part in the Rabat meeting another Arab-Turkish forum opening today. "If Syrian officials want to come to this event, the doors are open for them," — said Taieb Fassi Fihri.

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