The network got a secret list of Pentagon people management


In the Internet has got a secret list of Pentagon weapons aimed at the control of the enemy. In the list there are lasers, transmitters sound waves to crowd control and a variety of remote actions that can paralyze and disable the equipment.

Secret list of weapons the Pentagon hit the Internet, reports news agency RBC. The list appears as existing weapons, as well as project development of so-called non-lethal weapons, whose purpose is not to eliminate the enemy, and management.

The leak has published site Public Intelligence (Social Intelligence), which had previously been the wraps off some internal Pentagon documents on national security.

"Handbook of non-lethal weapons", consisting of more than 100 pages, contains a description and characteristics of the weapons, the possible consequences of its use and the collateral damage. The handbook, in particular, there are descriptions of the different types of lasers, heat rays and emitters of sound waves used for crowd control, to create a malfunctioning engine to temporarily paralyze the enemy and so on.

Such developments are carried out at the Joint Directorate of the Pentagon's non-lethal weapons, established in 1996. shortly after the military operations in Somalia and Bosnia. According to the military expert of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, James Lewis, the main task of the Office — defeating the enemy without his physical elimination. "It is not known whether will see most of these innovative developments in the nearest future," — said Dzh.Lyuis.

It should be noted that previously the Office for the "non-lethal" weapons have repeatedly been criticized for wasting huge amounts of money. According to the report for 2009., The agency has spent no less than 386 million dollars for the development of 50 projects of a new weapon, but none of these projects have not been realized.

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