The next network revolution did not take place in Minsk

The next network revolution in Minsk, which the organizers have appointed on Wednesday, failed for lack of the protesters, said the agency has learned.
Organizers called for people to gather in the city center on Independence Avenue and proceed along until October Square. However, neither 19.00 — start the action or subsequently in the streets protesting noted. Interest in the shares of "network of revolutionaries" showed except foreign and Belarusian media. In the end they had to settle for "staging aplodirovaniem" smaller groups (5-10 people) of young people who openly expressed their protest on the steps of "McDonalds".

The situation in the center of the Belarusian capital calm, people rushing about their business, strolling couples, many vacationers leave the coffee shop.

As acknowledged in an interview with foreign media, one of the protesters, the Belarusians such events unpopular and exhausted. They do not want to protest, preferring to solve their urgent business, calm and happy holiday. BelTA learned from head of the department of information and public relations of Minsk city executive committee Alexander Lastovsky, the situation in a calm, protest failed. However, he noted that police "do not interfere with reporters to expect a miracle."


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