The number of victims of tornadoes and floods in Spain has risen to 10 people

The number of casualties on the eve of the last tornado in southern Spain and the resulting flooding to ten people, 35 injured, reports the Associated Press citing local authorities.

Previously reported seven dead.

As stated on the website of the municipality of the city of Gandia (Valencia province), under the pressure of strong winds on Friday night for a temporary fair in the city dropped a Ferris wheel. Among the wounded, only employees of the fair, because at the time the tornado was closed to visitors. Fifteen people were seriously injured.

The bodies of ten victims of the flood were found on Friday and Saturday night in a number of provinces, municipalities Malaga, Almeria and Murcia.

On the eve of the local authorities decided to evacuate more than 5000 people from the flooded areas. In the province of Malaga state of emergency. According to the state weather service, a day in the province received more than 120 liters of rain per square meter.

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