The phenomenon namolennye shrines


The fact that the essential attributes of the Orthodox faith — sacred books, icons — can render his due, punishing and protecting hardly be doubted. Accumulated many astonishing facts showing that this is so. With the only condition that the shrine must be very old, namolennye. To their revered, cherished as the apple of his eye.

All attributes of the Orthodox worship bear the imprint of a supra-Creator, Divine Providence, and therefore do wonders

However, in order not to be considered unfounded, does not give the legends, but real events that took place recently in the families of our compatriots.

Lived in Gatchina to death in 1985 in the Great Patriotic War, a former Marine Anatoly Mikhin was what is called a blue blood. His great-grandfather in the male line has enraged parents that dared to marry a girl from land, for which he lost the title of count and inheritance.

With no means of livelihood, devoted himself to the service of God. He was famous for righteous deeds, help the poor, for which he was awarded the Archpriest Sergei precious Bible bound in leather, decorated with silver and dedication. By submitting a wonderful book from hand to hand, the lord made it a condition of perpetual ownership of her older sons exceptionally kind. This covenant faithfully executed. The house Mikhin, who is now hiding artificial water Rybinsk reservoir was unique library. Save it, unlike the Bible, failed. In addition, after moving to another place of residence, the settlers did not show it to outsiders.

But here's the father died Anatoly Alexandrovich. According to tradition, the Bible had to get him. However, nowhere in the house of the holy tome could not find. Mikhin did not know what to think. Little by little the loss humbled. Suddenly, three months later, was raided by a brother younger sister, Natalia. It was terrible to watch. The face, neck, arms covered with non-healing ulcer bleeding. I confess that it is she can not cope with the temptation, took the book-relic, Natalia repented and was forgiven by his brother. Gone two weeks. Woman went home completely healthy. Not the slightest trace of devouring her plagues! And the Bible? She goes to the grandson of Anatoly upon reaching the age of majority.

We can not say that the family Bible, so to speak, constantly monitored line of fate respected veteran. It was carried out, as he said himself, "through dreams." And Mikhin always been warned about what would happen to him. A few days before being sent to the front, for example, he had a dream about a family Bible, and next — a tiny icon-old ward.

In the morning his mother, Tatiana, handed him the exact icon, pleading always keep it to yourself. Mother Anatoly disobeyed. Somehow, bypassing the waterfront, along with other fighters came under heavy shelling. First he, an atheist, a fiery hell vzhavshis the ground, desperately begging for salvation. And what happened? Of his five companions survived only by him. Since the war, too, came back without a scratch.

Followed by a peaceful life, was quite successful. Health was not hurt, could still live and live. However, once had a dream about the Bible. Dream was prophetic. Also had a supernatural surrounding circumstances. Here is how it tells the granddaughter of a veteran — Olga: "A few days before the death of my grandfather told my grandmother that it was his time to die. Grandmother shouted at him: "Do not talk nonsense!" Santa continued to stand his ground and said that it would come at night to the death. In the guise of a beautiful girl in white. I called him along. My grandfather refused to comply, arguing that still wants to live, and invited guest to drink to his health. The death sentence has taken, saying that the liking of her only red wine. If she knew that there was no wine in the house he has never things like that, because my grandfather chose other drinks moonshine amazing grandmother. After going with a girl in white in the next room, to a large table top, which used to sit like the grandfather put her two empty wine glasses, surprised that they immediately filled by themselves. My grandfather drank his glass. Girl in white only sipped, and said good-bye that followed him out of the earthly life would soon leave two more. "Is nonsense" — grandmother shrugged and went into the next room and suddenly screamed in terror. She saw what I saw, what they saw others: two wine glasses on the table top. One empty. Another full of red wine.

Soon after his grandfather died in his sleep. Easily. So the righteous die. Other predicted demise were a match — suddenly, without suffering. Bible presented to Father Sergei, we cherish. Now, none of us young people do not doubt the existence of a direct link between our destinies and this ancient book. "

Another story also unfolded in Gatchina in the "dashing" nineties, when there was a redistribution of property and business start-ups often shot off competitors, has to do with the old icon of St. Nicholas. Oh not too long, eerie events "miracle survivor of zhestakih bindings", now a successful businessman Alexei Oreshnikov, whose name is changed for ethical reasons, talks with mixed feelings of fear and superstition forced the belief that it is not a dream, and it became part of the his biography: "At intervals of a month in the desert night road of shotgun shot three of my companions. Every time after it was created another evil under the office door threw the note explicit content: "Get ready, you're next!".

Where the wind blows, what claim to me, who is behind all this, I had no idea. And it was unbearable. Most of all I feared for the safety of his wife and children. He began to think to roll the case and leave the town where I grew up, where there was a lot of friends, but missed and envy. I decided to leave. Do not have time. For a minute, was away from home. In the window was shot with a shotgun. Wounded cousin, was standing at the open balcony door. My mother — a woman believer — made her an icon of the room is so old that through the black lacquer almost could not see who shows. My mother said, "Put the image of St. Nicholas in a briefcase and wear everywhere with him. See how disaster will get round you and us. Disobey, will be a trouble. "

I thought that wearing the icon will not, because at that time did not believe in God or the devil. But, in order not to upset the mother pretended to gratefully accept her gift. That same evening, in a dark alley thug, pretending to drunk and asked for a cigarette, repeatedly stabbed me with scissors. Surgeons dragged from the light. Now, I did not hesitate to put an icon in the portfolio.

Scissors I was hit on March 13. A month later, to the day, it seems the same subject made another attempt to attack. If I had not closed the chest portfolio, it would not be living. Then I figured that hit a sharp object hit the region of the heart. Detained a knife or scissors back of the board of the icon. Struck me that the icon as it brightened face, began to play colors. It was a new, like yesterday gotten out of hand. My mother was not surprised. Only said: "God protect you."

And it was true. Twice after that I was shot almost point blank range. Double-misses, when it was impossible to miss. Then the chief of our house burned down. I gave him the money for a new building. And this stalwart man suddenly burst into tears and began to apologize, saying that troubles me — not without its participation. I asked who I ordered. The answer shocked. My school friend, whom I trusted as himself. I did not set out to take revenge, but just look in his eyes. I managed to exactly the funeral. It turns out that he considered a friend, co-defendant killed the day before in a drunken brawl.

As for my mother's icons, it hangs in my office. I often go to church, am submitting donations, which he had never done before. Cases are a good idea. All glory to God, alive, intact. Repentant guard always with me, became my good support.

My mother was not surprised. Only said: "God protect you"

Interpret the phenomenon of saving namolennye relics — old churches, Bibles, icons — tried many sages. It seems that the closest to the truth was the outstanding Russian scientist and religious philosopher PA Florensky (1882-1937). He, on the basis of experimental, theoretical physics and mathematics, developed the concept of the so-called specific metaphysics. It argues that all of the attributes of Orthodox worship bear the imprint of a supra-Creator, Divine Providence, and therefore work miracles, it is accessible to rational interpretation and comprehension of the human mind. But that they are "working for the good of" must sincerely believe.

Alexander Volodya

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