The play of light or an angel — keeper?


On November twins Jeanne and Valeria vacationing at the cottage in the village of Miner-2 (200 km from Chelyabinsk, between SATCOM and Bahcall).

We decided to go to the place where once stood their old country house. Last fall, she was burned along with the owner — a grandfather sisters. Relatives still very experienced, that went to check on the place of the tragedy, to remember his grandfather.

On the way back, cheered, began fooling around. Around untouched fresh snow — it's tempting to lie. Valery husband dropped in the snow fluffy, she pulled him sister. The man flicked the girls a camera — the most usual number.

Returning to the city after a few days, began view photos. And on that same picture with the girls in the picture were three … Next to the sisters clearly visible silhouette of a man.


— I was not myself, — says Valeria. — We all immediately thought of the grandfather.

Explanation for this phenomenon can be set. For example, the camera snapped and turned overlay that has created such an effect. Although unlikely — a clear shot. Snow or crush such a bizarre way. From the realm of the supernatural, comes to mind photos phantom. Or maybe it's a guardian angel? Look how smiles and hugs her shoulders like sisters.

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