The pole shift. Training. A possible scenario


The slow fading of rotation of the Earth, meteor rain, powerful earthquakes, huge tsunamis, storms of unprecedented strength. If you believe the printed sources, the first real sign of impending catastrophe will stop changing the time of day. More precisely, the time — it will go, but the sun will stop its course across the sky.

The city and the whole world will fall into a depression. Particularly difficult is the people living on the banks of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Negasnuschy sun over the Atlantic, over the Pacific — has endured over the night. And there a big difference in temperature caused by the rotation stoppage, on one side of the Earth's heat will be on the other side of a terrible cold.

The inhabitants of Kaliningrad will have lunch in the Urals will come dusk, the inhabitants of Kamchatka Hour bull. And then the earth tremble.

From the incessant rain (… and the rain poured down for forty days and nights …) will come from the banks of rivers and lakes, the collapse of the dam, a man-made tsunami run along the Volga, Ob, Irtysh, Ural, Dnepr and all those rivers, and reservoirs are dammed dams. Cities that are powered from the power plant will be left without light, and therefore heat and water. Start falling bridges and power lines. In the mountains and foothills will start landslides and mudflows. Will podmyta foundations of buildings, will break down the drain sewage in cities and wastewater treatment plant that zahlmordatsya flow of debris. There will be massive accident at the refinery, oil storage tanks, gas lines. Trains will stop. Aircraft will be chained to the ground. Somewhere on the shores of a powerful tsunami crashing down all over the place, on the shores of the sea will start to attack.

City — the worst place in which to reside after the disaster. The absence of water in any modern in two weeks lead to total epidemics such as cholera. Lack of renewable sources of food — to hunger. The presence of hazardous production facilities and fuel storage to powerful man-made disasters. The modern city has a stock of products at best a month. Everyone else, including strategic, are kept out of the city.

It is worth remembering the good word Soviet Union, when the strategic reserves of food, fuel, medicines and supplies were kept, though not in perfect order, but they were. NZ has a strategic stockpile large army groups (with divisions), but they are usually located outside the cities. Military camps do not count. By the way, army structures suffer less likely, and God forbid, try to bring the situation under his control. The problem is who will control these structures. Depending on the capacity of the disaster, the situation may develop in very different ways.

But modern "civilization", a technological first, built on the division of labor, now international, and consumption of crude oil and petroleum products will simply fall apart. Establish transport links, in the absence of roads and the fuel can not be very long. It can be assumed that the new city will grow around major military bases or so. And the ruins of the old will be a source of raw materials for a new society. Lucky if disparate databases can remain in touch. By any means. Radio, telephone (navryadli), even couriers, it will be very good. When I think of, say 2020, and are seen in the sight of towns with a population of 2 … 3,000 people were turned into fortresses with walls of various construction materials and gates, trimmed with old roofs and hoods of cars. And machine-gun at the corners.

Huge areas are contaminated with radioactive and toxic waste generated after the accidents at industrial enterprises and power plants. Hydroelectric dam collapse, causing a man-made tsunami. For example, in the Chelyabinsk region the most dangerous area — north. There are located reactors and radioactive waste storage enterprise "Mayak" and the infamous Russian River Techa. And the city, with the production of paints (phosgene), explosives (without comment) is also not the safest area in the world. In any city, for example, there is a cold storage facility that is used by tens of tons of ammonia, and the station is cleaning up the water, with its chlorine, railway station, with its unpredictable loads. In general, the lack of man-made hazards. By this we must carefully choose a place to camp, on the basis that it does not fall into the affected area, will not appear in a dangerous proximity to the source of disasters, far enough from population centers, close enough that there would could be reached with a minimum of reserves and equipment.

The very first issue that will confront the man who saw the established city like a house of cards, with burning plants and
storage facilities is a shock from the loss of all that has been accumulated over the past years. The idea that all changed in a matter of minutes that the old world has fallen and never will come back, will hang over each like the sword of Damocles. Not everyone can handle it. There will be crazy, sometimes friendly, sometimes annoying, sometimes very dangerous. Mass will have looted the destroyed shops.

Since the disaster life will freeze, but will not stop. In principle, the best part of life, it herself. We'll have to build a new life, something similar, something that is not similar to the modern one.

A year later, fragmented and small, single and groups of survivors will come together. Around the surviving villages around the tent cities. Begin to build houses, uprooted timber, break ground. That is, moves to a new way of life. In fact, you can trace three significant fracture behavior during that affect the rest of their lives. The first — the moment of the disaster, the second — the first year after her third — the "settling of the earth" (community organization).

The first thing you need to do is to survive the disaster. Survive the first hours and days. The loss rate of the population in an earthquake in 12 points to reach the cities, especially large 85 … 95% depending on the time of day. This means that the city and the neighborhood empty. But life in the countryside and even change much, but the death toll is much lower. It is important to get out of town at the first sign of her. Smart, quick-witted and Premonition will be quite a lot. If you do not have a car, you do not go out on major routes, it would cause suspicion.

It is better to go along the railways, there is always a road along the line and forest shelter belt. Or just a suburb, not equipped with a road. Then run into the police station, with its approach — will delay, and there's see less chance. The man in troubled times leaving the city with a backpack, and even more simply in everyday clothes are always suspicious. Cyclists are suspect a lot less. If you can, just sit down in any suburban bus going around in the desired direction. Wait a — like death. Block city — a difficult task, but doable. Even by the police, without the involvement of the army. Do not forget to inform relatives and friends before the link will be broken. We'll have to find a place where you can sit out the most terrible hours. When will rage hurricanes and earthquakes. Over time, the weather calms down, the earth stops shaking, I do not woken up in the vicinity of volcanoes, of course. State power is not going to disappear one day. Measures will be taken to evacuate people from disaster zones. Organized tent camps and field hospitals. The alarm will be mobilized remnants of the army and navy. It is very important to survive the first year, with its disasters, constant fury of weather and atmosphere. With constant frightening news.

Probably should divide the property for the nomadic life and settled, but it is worth remembering everything about the nomadic necessarily applies to settled.

Need to make a small digression. It is very likely that leave the city at the first sign of disaster will have a huge hurry. Literally in a suit and shoes. Or in overalls and welding boots. Or is not yet known what, in your work clothes. With the match in the pockets of cigarettes completely useless wallet, cell phone and keys to the apartment of a past life. Having a way to withdraw from the city, not far from the border arrange a cache which are things that are vital in the initial step of the way, well, then that will come in handy for a nomadic life, for example. As a container, you can use a plastic canister with a very wide neck.


Choosing a parking space must follow a few simple rules. When did not stay in the gully, a valley between two hills. There is always damp and dark. The basic amount of ticks, snakes (the Urals, including vipers), and various blood-sucking mosquitoes, poisonous and infectious reptiles live there. The best place to camp — south, not steep slope. What would be located near the creek. Too close to bodies of water, rivers lakes do not, damp, and the nights will be very cold. Avoid birch forest. They are very unhealthy. Although birch — the best firewood. Choose a location for the toilet below and slightly away from the nearest stream. Army norm on the distance from the dwelling to the toilet like "john" — 25 meters. Inexorably follow it. Get rid of the risk of contracting diseases and a huge pile of bad breath. On the device camps, even a very simple takes about 2 … 3 hours anyway. If you are moving purposefully from point A to point B, the long-term camp split does not make sense. It is enough to go pick up sticks for a fire, and dial in the creek water. Light a fire, put up a tent business hour. Plus, cooking, dinner, evening dress and rebound. A sequence of actions, on the move to gather sticks for the fire, light the fire and put the water to boil, put up a tent, sleep products for cooking, gathering firewood in the morning, prepare a tent for sleepover (expanded foam, sleeping bag, backpack lay), eating, taking a smoking room sticks, toilet, sleep. The most important meal — dinner. Tightly breakfast and lunch does not make sense. It will be hard to walk, and simply bad.

Sixty percent of the heat that is lost through the clothes a person falls on the collar. Comfortable and warm is wearing a sweater with a high collar. In the absence of it — use a scarf. In a pinch, you can tie a towel. When did not spend the night in the shoe, even if it's very cold. Tightly knotted shoelaces prevent blood supply and feet freeze even more. By morning, your feet will swell if not, then do not take a rest and do not walk a lot of strength left. Be sure to unzip the night strap pants and top buttons of his shirt — it is better rested. Remember that the cold sweat is much more dangerous than the cold. Sweat freezes on linen, then pneumonia securely. If you are still sweating, remove all my clothes, down to his underwear. Let it be chilled, and it will happen quickly, and slightly warm up and drain it next to a fire flame, it is called — freeze-drying. If there is no fire, just vyhlopayte it. Thick knitted sweater at night can be turned inside out. Then it will erode part of the sweat that has accumulated during the day. And the next day there will be a little better. If it's cold, very cold, and you spend the night alone, you can warm up a stone on fire, or warm water and pour into a bottle or flask, wrapped in a towel, rag, and sleep with him in an embrace. Gloves — comfortable, warm mittens. According to this principle apply dolls. Under the thick and clumsy gloves should wear thin gloves, and while some fine work, such as shooting, dropping mittens, will be much more convenient.

Military gloves and called mittens. Mittens on a loop, to sew a cuff button, then mittens will not be lost. Or did, as did a child, simply tie a rubber band to the mittens. When driving in every three — four days worth arrange a halt for the day. Rest, patched clothing and equipment, wash wear, update inventory.

Animals are usually afraid of the sight and smell of fire, the smell gun oil. Wolves hunt in packs and, for example, in the month of March they gon, they go about in flocks of female and extremely aggressive. View a previous shoulder shotgun does not frighten them. Although it makes to keep his distance. Bear, in the fed state animal quite — still good-natured. This does not apply to females with cubs, and especially to the connecting rods. That is, Bears awake in the winter. Push Rod hungry, extremely aggressive and dangerous creature. At a meeting with him to shoot to kill at once! Bear is able to catch up with the horse at full gallop, and great climbing. Trot, single and comparatively with the bear, small predator. It hunts at night, small game, but do not be afraid to go and for deer. Has a terrific skill moves in the trees, leaving no traces on the ground. In this case, moving almost silently, like all cats. Per person, as a rule, does not attack, but if the winter will too hungry …. Attacks jump on his back from behind. Chances of survival in such a fight is almost zero.

A sign that is found in the forest lynx is ragged at the level — just below the chest, the bark of trees. Displays kittens in burrows and dens. How to see — the best you can do is to feet. And the sooner, the better. Somewhere along the vicinity mother walks in anger is extremely dangerous. In general, avoid contact with cubs. Barsuchiha even in such a situation attacks. Elks. No predators, herbivores. But graceful and swift ton net weight may work better than a bulldozer. Zatopchet to death very quickly. Or when not hunt elk in the open. My father gave up hunting after two consecutive missed the driven hunts. He turned around and push my way to it. Helped a man with a rifle from the other edge of the clearing. Boars. It can be saved on the tree. They climb trees, fortunately, like moose, can not, on their derision — will go away. Perhaps the most dangerous predator in our forests is the wolverine. It is confident, extremely persistent and cunning beast. Will pursue long and hard. Fox is very painful bite, leaving long scars, and carry rabies. When did not take a wild hare, even if wounded or stunned at hand. Just finish it with a stick or knife. Hare, in spite of the growth of small, has a very strong hind legs and claws can tear stomach. At the "communion" with any predators note — each only one paw heels long and extremely sharp claws. You have, at best, be knife, and that one. When did not go on game trails, be sure it will meet the host. In the summer, or when not to camp near Malinnikov and other thickets of bushes with berries. The owner of the taiga there as the dining room will go and see.

When fully nomadic life makes sense to organize visited several "camps", in which from time to time, you can come back. It will save a lot of time in the future. And the hard winter in a tent. Simply build remote from population centers dugout and winter in it. On Solid frame will take a lot of time and effort. In such a situation would have to live mainly by hunting, and, exhausted or scared away the game in one place, it will be easy to move to another. When did not shrink from a pasture. Wild sorrel and garlic, excellent seasoning. Mushrooms great variety to your menu. Never eat unfamiliar mushrooms and berries! In the forest, there will be nobody to pump. For a long time to live in solitude Only people with special mental institution. Robinson, for example. It is much easier, I emphasize, is much easier to travel at least two people.


There are two types of terrain in which the orientation is very much hindered. This is a wilderness, where there is no reference points, and the mountains, or rather the foothills, which targets too much. It is very difficult to navigate the map without large objects, such as — lakes, rivers, high rocky peaks, power lines, settlements, etc. For orientation in the terrain well suited card — dvuhverstka. With a scale of 1 cm — 2 km. It is quite detailed instructions all of the most prominent landmarks. Note that the card in the Soviet Union belong to the third degree of secrecy.

Accordingly declassified only in the event of war. On the cards are not stamped editions of civil military units closed cities and strategic targets. Including road. The most detailed maps — the military. At the current level of privacy (candid striptease their secrets), sufficiently detailed site plans can be purchased or found online. Ask at the tourist and hunting shops. The most detailed digital maps with topographic location on the system GPS, and more recently to earn Glonass-M will be absolutely useless.

Accordingly, all the instruments for targeting by satellites, which will remain in orbit, and will not turn after the poles. Look at the maps prominent landmarks — lakes, rivers, meanders of rivers, large ravines, villages, power lines, railways, federal highway. More reliable to learn them by heart (benchmarks). Compass first time will be absolutely useless. But when the new poles will be established will be sufficient to map the new guidelines of the new line north — south and then it will be much easier to navigate.

On successful old age should not even dream of, retirement in the years to pay or who will not, and the nursing home will wither away as a class. So what's for basic survival in retirement as early as possible is a great community to join.

A few words about the forest for residents of cities

The first thing you notice — it is oppressive to the ears of silence that keeps a continuous voltage. After a while you start to listen and discern huge range of sounds. To the extent there is over the hill, shrubs, or not. As running in the grass hedgehog. As the rustling wings of a dragonfly. Personally, I have a day — half cuts through a chronic runny nose, delicate scent. In the forest air, no smog from tens and hundreds of thousands of vehicles, from factories, from power plants. Almost everyone there is an easy and very pleasant dizziness, I would say even euphoria. While continuously want to sleep, but to fight with sleep very easily. We jokingly call it the "oxygen poisoning." Just breathe easier it becomes much easier. A week later, in smokers, and not only starts coughing up mucus from the lungs. Do not worry, it's quick and almost painless pass. Quitting smoking during a long hike through the forest — elementary.

From the stress and pressures in our situation, there will be constipation, be sure to keep in the medicine cabinet laxative. When constipation will be the situation because of the new food regime and to unfold a hundred and eighty degrees. Do not worry. This is also temporary. After a while, get out all the chronic ailments that everyone has. Sorry for the cynicism, do not survive very strong and healthy, and those who were able to pull myself together and do not stoop to the level of an animal. Life in extreme conditions will return to the place of pressure, soothe shattered by the immune system, restore exchange. Full lose weight, too thin will acquire muscles. You know who are the healthiest people in the world? Homeless. Homeless people do not get sick or anything, except for lice, perhaps. Watch carefully for themselves. Be sure to take care of personal hygiene. First, it is always good hygiene, secondly observance of rituals, such as washing, brushing teeth, shaving, pointing hairstyles, help maintain sanity.

Will become a bridge between the old and new world. No wonder they say: wash that was born again. And shaven face and hairstyle is very neat cheer and give a good mood for the whole day. After a while, things settle down, and the main parameters of the body will bounce back. Remember when the clap of thunder is most important to pull yourself together. If the situation does not require immediate and urgent measures for survival and rescue, and when you are extremely confused and stunned then just start remembering telephone numbers and email addresses of all your friends (as an option).

You say nonsense? Right, but when you realize that this is nonsense, it means that the reaction quietly returned and you are able to think. The vast number of downed pilots perished in the wild because of the mistakes that they made in the first hour after an emergency landing.

Be sure to watch your step. Whole legs — a guarantee of successful survival. Watch out for the county. Of the tracks you can learn a lot of useful information.

Live a year after the accident — not an easy task. Given our climate, sit in a tent on the bags of food will not work. Nature — mother or when not spoiled Russian. Probably will not spoil in the future. Needs to be a solid, long-term camp. It is easier and safer to have a house in the village (giving the Canaries is not a ride). Recently, thanks to the "reforms" of a large number of abandoned farms. Three — five yards. Housing and land are worth a penny.


In the settlement, if you decide to live apart from society, it is necessary to restore rigid patriarchal community. "Whoever harms a neighbor — the enemy of society!". And it will require breaking the habitual consciousness, with its laws and the established rules.

On the point of evacuation must be booked in advance. In fact, the shelter should be built in advance. Must be defined with escape routes, bypassing the major railway stations and official collection points refugee camps. Mark the reference points along the way may railways, so it will be a little easier.

Accommodation in our climate uniquely log cabins. Two people with a chainsaw with a minimum skill lay frame baths a day — or two. In a larger group home, a simple, two rooms and porch, you can safely do this week. It was only necessary to establish the organization and division of labor. That would not interfere, but help each other. The community of five families can build a farm for five yards with buildings for the month. If only everyone would help each other, and not to sweat alone. The material for construction — any tree except birch. Birch frame rot for two — three years.

If possible, a pair of lower rows is made of larch. Larch is a very hard material and build on that from it's hard, but a house built out of it, will stand for centuries, if the foundation is not poured out. Usually used for the construction of dried pine. Since dried pine is available elsewhere, you have to put up with the heavy logs, and protruding from the walls of the resin. Its the way you can collect. Perekipechennaya gum rosin is the best additive for soldering.

Warm shelter and cooking have through the furnace. Build a fire (an efficiency of 12 … 15%) is not difficult, but a competent furnace (efficiency 20 … 35%) — a fine work. Very handy stove kits that are sold in DIY stores. It includes cast iron plate, ash pan and two doors. Remember that before the oven door and front of the fireplace must necessarily lie plate of fireproof material, stainless steel, for example, a width of not less than fifty centimeters. Otherwise the fire will become a thing did not happen, and the time. This is a standard requirement of fire inspection, through suffering and hundreds of thousands of fires. Russian stove is good, but not long keep warm. Better suited called "Dutch", in which there is a massive, cast-iron plate. Cast iron is very heat of the material, is heated for a long time, but it holds heat for a long time. And it is very slow burns

In addition to preventing the fast burning cast-iron shirts can coat the inside of her clay. Can also provide one of the corners of the furnace tank water obtained by "steam heating" and the hot water supply simultaneously. Only the level and flow rates have to constantly monitor. The tank will need to be covered with a lid that would pair did not get into the living room. At the same time bring the hose or pipe to the street which is formed under the cover of pairs is also necessary. The house is not room, throw on parkas and live in constant dampness is not recommended.

You can close the roof with roofing material, slate (now this stuff is not actually used), roofing iron (shaped boarding), simply boards with straw. Straw burns, burns well. All Russian fairy tales shown furnace iron pots without a bottom, worn on the tube. This is a flash suppressor. To make sparks fly out of the tube, do not set fire to the roof. Experience, hard-won over the years. Follow it, and then you do not have to suffer in the fire that arose because of your stupidity or ignorance.

Living in the community will revolve around a small number of people and events.

Field equipment

VAW. The presence of a knife in the wild makes life incredibly. Of course, you can make a stone, or even some of the materials at hand, but if you're not a blacksmith or locksmith, the quality and ease of use of such a tool would be below the level of criticism. A large knife — cleaver.

AXE. You can travel, a small hatchet. SAW. Typical, one handle. Saw garden, a short useless thing in the economy, and is only good for the garden. You can purchase a tourist. It is a flexible web (rope) with teeth. It can be carried in a pocket. Files. Triangular file for sharpening tools. BAR sharpener for knives and axes.

BACKPACK. Backpacks now divorced big set. There are even fitted with solar panels, which recharges the batteries of mobile phones (sic!), players, radios, navigation devices, and similar toys pampered lives of tourists. Probably soon will be equipped with built-in coffee makers and refrigerators. For the right price, of course. We need a simple, reliable and inexpensive. The most comfortable — climbing. The most common — cycling. The center of gravity of such shifted slightly down, and thanks to the wide belt, most of the falls not on the shoulders, and on the belt. With this arrangement, the back tire of a lot less. The strap must be present self relief. It's such a closure, which keeps well, and is very easy to unfasten, just a flick of a finger. Situation where the opportunity to quickly rid Zaplechny cargo, saves the life is not so rare. Do not get carried away too large "banana" (tall, cylindrical backpacks). Most of the time they will be half-empty, and shuttling behind interfere with walking. Personally, I prefer the square with semi-rigid bottom. Easel backpack with a rigid frame is selected only for themselves. They are well adjusted, modern, I mean, but it's pretty tedious and long process. In the backpack bound to be plenty of pockets. The valve top cover must also be a pocket. It is desirable that would be on the outside of the seat belts were a few, which can be fixed ax, foam, with tent pegs and racks, blade, bottle of water, a radio station, well, the list could go on almost indefinitely. After collect backpack, be sure to check that the goods have not caught on to the sacrum, a point lower waist and buttocks higher. Bloody blisters rubbed it quickly and almost imperceptibly. Blisters heal such a long and painful. There are still old and shapeless backpacks Soviet, and not just production. They have two advantages — you never take place during storage, and extremely cheap. More benefits not. In the extreme case would go and bag shoulder strap or army "Sidor". This bag is sewn into the bottom of a long shoulder strap, which is the middle of the neck of the bag is fastened. In the movie about the war a lot of show. Fully kitted backpack, without food and water weighs about 5 pounds … 7. And yet, a knife, a flask, a first aid kit, a compass and a map to be sure to wear a jacket pocket or pants. A knife and a flask better on the belt. It may be that the backpack would have to give up at the crossing, for example, and with a minimal set of a chance to survive is always greater than zero. Or when not drop weapons. Also a significant plus in the big game of life.

Urethane foam MAT, in common parlance, "foam", served in any store tourist equipment. Required. Will save your kidneys cold when spending the night on the bare ground. With a strong desire foam can be replaced by a bunch of twigs, branches just cut, but it's a long, cold and not aesthetically pleasing. Such a thing as … we have, it is called "hub", sometimes "Podge @ pnikom," as is said in the store, I do not know. A piece of foam the size of … well, with the fifth point of support, tied with a rubber ring. Worn over pants, can sit on the rocks and other cold objects without the risk of colds urogenital. Sometimes it helps to fan the fire.

Sleeping bag. You can just thick wool or synthetic (material called "holofayber" or something like that) blanket. However, blankets take up much space. A sleeping bag, sleeping bag. Just do not cotton. Cotton and cold, and heavy, and quickly gets wet and long dry. Then come to the aid of modern synthetic materials. This sleeping bag will weigh 300 … 500 grams and take the amount of half-liter bottles. When choosing a sleeping bag must adhere to the adage — "Fever bones ache", the warmer the better. Only now, they are not cheap …. If you buy two sleeping bags for two, better choose the "envelope" and not "purse". And with the same lightning. Then you can gather from the two small one big, just buttoned clasp each other. A word of advice — when you get to the parking lot will hang dry the sleeping bag, sleeping will be a lot better and more enjoyable.

TENT. In the single-seat tent for the night you can safely get together (for a couple of nights and the four of us can ;-)). And still have room for a backpack. In the absence of tents can be put packaging waste, plastic bags of 250 liters. They are strong enough to withstand that one — five nights in the dry. And then do not throw them very sorry. Light, they do not occupy much space. Plastic cape. And just a big piece of plastic. It will be possible to wrap the backpack during the march, and to arrange a canopy in the parking lot. According to the scenario will go heavy rains. Or make of waterproof fabric coat, jacket, always with a hood, and a pair of large patch pockets. This will be worn for a long time and give a little comfort stay in the field.

Towel. Some handkerchiefs. Several pairs of socks, and thick and thin. Footcloths can be made of any sufficiently soft piece of cloth measuring 40 * 60 cm Anyone who served in the army, he will understand. Tough shoes to wear better over socks with foot bindings. Then socks significantly less torn. Yes, and so is warmer.

Fishermen set — Lures, sinkers, fishing line, bobber, fishing hooks, net. Networking can buy Chinese, plastic. It takes up very little space and very little weight.

A pack of small bags. Council of its tourist experience — when very wet, that would not get wet feet, you can put bags over socks and feet to the parking lot will remain dry. Never dry shoes over the fire. Burned instantly. Small supply of sublimation products. They are very light (do not have to carry your own water) and quickly prepared. Canned meat thing is also very good, but heavy, and it is inconvenient to carry. Just do not get carried away especially. Silly situation — to hug the unpeeled potatoes. Well, if you have a choice, of course. On an empty stomach average person can go through one hundred and twenty — one hundred and fifty miles, and drag myself to the heavy supplies is not easy, especially in the face of universal devastation.

A pot, dishes. Mugs, in any case, not aluminum! Only stainless steel! A coil of rope about thirty meters, not required, but can be useful. Flask. Can an army, aluminum, but also better stainless steel, or at least out of plastic. But be sure to cover for the belt. Flexible, plastic canister, two liters — three. With some skill you can solder your own. Necessary ingredients — polyethylene, of a thickness of about 2 mm and above, the neck of a PET bottle (PET — polietilenftorat, the basis for the manufacture of plastic bottles for beer, soda, etc., etc.), soldering iron 40 W, strip of flexible and thin Teflon (tape FCMs). The place is not much to take, and a flask of 0.75 is too small. Water filter. Couple — three packs of dry fuel.

For the first time will suffice, and then fire one match to breed prilovchilis. By the way, the raw wood to kindle them very convenient. Several gas lighters. Matches end very quickly and easily dampen. Lighters wrap it in a condom and tie tightly. Condom — a thing at all, not only contraceptive, but very versatile. Examples — wiring, water canister (if you put in the bag), edged weapons (poured a handful of sand, tyuknul on temechku, death), sealed containers. If you turn a few pieces in tow — you can make a rubber band for slingshot. Apart from the intended use. Never use gasoline lighters! Gasoline will inevitably run out, then they will smell everything. Up until the contents of the cans.

Razor and the right timing. In principle, you can shave and an ax, but I tried it, then looked like Frankenstein. A small mirror, better metal, unbreakable. Scissors, needles, thimbles, thread, buttons, buttons, hooks, patches. If there is a possibility — a small pair of binoculars or a telescope.

Shortwave radio. Modern receivers confidently make sound channel Channel One Russian TV. Incidentally official, for sending government posts. Also, the official "voice" is a radio "Mayak". Only modern receivers do not catch it. Listening to these sources can be important to know a lot about the situation. It will not hurt, lightweight, handheld radios to communicate with his group and with people with whom you are going to get out. With a wife, husband, children. On power sources tell the chapter "Power Supply". In a situation where you will be one (in two — Troy-Four), and you will be against a hostile world, the link will be a powerful psychological factor that will help to survive. Simple CB radio range can now be bought in stores selling equipment for security systems, tourism and hunting. And in children, too … You can make it yourself, but it's not for everybody. For anyone who wants to. Perform a search online for the words "radio Hummingbird", highly recommend. Simple radio station on two chips.

WEAPON. This is important. In the chaos and anarchy of the first days it will help to avoid critical situations and will provide invaluable moral support. Who served in the Army, will understand who is not served — a belief in the word. Important: guns and children, the two are incompatible. Use caution when handling any weapon. Cached rifle or machine hardly succeed. Is more appropriate short-barreled hand, a pistol or revolver. Revolver better. It is much safer. Well, ammo, of course. Although the suit and ordinary slingshot. With the stock steel balls from the bearing or just nuts 12. Only if the ball flies virtually silent, the nut in the air is buzzing. Talking about guns in the chapter "Weapons".

FIRST AID KIT. Exemplary content: bandages (in sterile packaging, a lot), plaster, cotton, iodine, petroleum jelly, multivitamins, Kamfomen, furatsilin, diphenhydramine, aspirin, analgin, askofen, tsitramon, gramitsidinovaya paste validol, nitroglycerin, corvalol, pasta Teymurova, Nitrofungin, Vishnevsky ointment, furaplast, glue BF-6, No-Spa, procaine, paracetamol, biseptol, Trichopolum, phenolphthalein, potassium permanganate, baking soda, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, syringes, pipettes, thermometer, tweezers, syringes. Be sure to hold a first aid kit in a sealed box or package.

Toothbrush better than one, with a margin, soap, tooth powder.

Be sure to cut staff. First, it is very helpful when walking longer distances, and secondly, what — no, as a weapon. Fend off the dogs, for example. Which even now is not small, but it will be a lot more, and in the absence of food (garbage dumps), would be very dangerous.


Here I can talk a lot and for a long time.

The best option would be to begin with a Kalashnikov rifle. The perfect weapon to fight for survival in the cataclysm of all sizes. And the farm is a very useful thing. Simple, reliable, unpretentious. Effective range up to 600 meters. Can be equipped with optical and night sights. If you do not shoot bursts, the "zinc" rounds (440 pieces for 7.62 and 5.45 for 1050) will be enough for very long. Relatively lightweight, withstand the toughest treatment. Resource trunk missing 17,000 shots (shoot — do not shoot).

Next are automatic and non-automatic rifles. Rifle, or hunting, or Army, or the replica on the army, last a long time and is suitable for hunting most big game. For example, elk and bears. The good old Mosin rifle model 1896 served as our grandfathers, great-grandfathers and great-grandfathers faithfully for decades, and, despite her advanced age, more than a century, must serve more than one. Then, automatic, non-automatic, multiply, including pump action, single-shot and shotguns. Shotguns. Just want to keep the temptation of automation. Despite the elegance and convenience of imported weapons, austere beauty and reliability of the domestic nor any special advantage in hunting automation does not. It gives drastically increased consumption of ammunition, and decreases reliability. Pump action shotguns with rifle magazine practical rate increase but reduce accuracy. Due to design features an elongated hole along the store by firing changing center of gravity, which reduces the accuracy of hit. In this case, all of the automatic rifle whimsical quality ammunition that will make handicraft. I can not exactly make and equip. One-and two Barrel guns simple in operation and the application. This shotgun with horizontal shafts more detailed block compared with the vertical trunk unit. Changing the axis between the return on the shoulder of an effect. Personally, I would advise MTS20. A single-, two cartridges at the store.

One of the significant advantages of weapons of shotgun with a rifled barrel is a wide range of denominations of ammunition. For example, you can hunt with a shotgun as the most small game, from the quail, and the very large, such as roe deer and wild boar. It all depends on the type of reloading dies. From small fraction, to buckshot and even bullets. Yes, and easier to hit the target beam of light pellets than a single, but powerful powerful and heavy bullet. The advantage rifle is much higher accuracy and range of a shot.

The big disadvantage of firearms is his need for complex and expensive ammunition. "Excess" ten rounds of ammunition in a backpack or shoulder bandoliers will draw a lot. At the same ammunition, as well as all passing on this earth will eventually terminate. Making gunpowder in makeshift conditions cause extremely complex, time-consuming and very dangerous. If for making bullets and shot enough batteries and a pair of gutted puleleyki with old felt boots and a bucket of water, the production liner need special equipment and materials. And the cap will not make that easy.

Here comes into play a weapon that does not use gunpowder, air. By design complexity comparable to a gunshot, but cheaper to use. Most of us have an idea of the pneumatic weapon of PRIVOKZALNAYA galleries and works of Arthur Conan Doyle, which describe only a narrow range of its capabilities.


Very long are dry foods, such as pasta, peas, rice, buckwheat, barley, millet. Especially long are pasta noodles. Years. When choosing a pasta pay attention, they are made from durum wheat, then they will not only taste better, but also more durable. Stew. But only the army. The old, in cans smeary grease. I personally Pedal that which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. Only now do a stop, and it is very expensive. Warning — canned fish is not stored for a long time, and only in strictly defined conditions. When canned fish spoil in them is very dangerous poison. The bank with the swells, and publishes the contents of a sharp odor. Raisins and dried fruits, if they are very careful to wash, durable, too. And by the way, is very nutritious and tasty. They can be a very enjoyable and varied dietary supplements. Contain a lot of vitamins. After a disaster, one of the huge deficits, which will experience — a deficiency of vitamins, especially the «B» and «C». It makes sense to stock up in advance and ascorbic acid for a long time. Or multivitamins that have shelf life, though large, but still limited. Dry foods such as egg powder or powdered milk. Powdered milk is very needed in a time when the community will have children.

And the kids in it will certainly appear, as will be described below. Perhaps the greatest value will eventually become spices. To ensure that they do not "exhausted" They must be stored in glass or metal containers with tight-fitting, a ground cover. In a separate package for each jar. And preferably beans. Then they run out of steam less. Freeze-dried products, which now appeared a lot, and a very different rescue, so to speak, the father of Russian democracy. Yes, if you're stocking cheese, then remember that the cold usual cheese becomes unbearably bitter, but the cream retains almost all of its flavor and nutritional properties. Sugar. Be sure to have the greatest possible amount of salt, and preferably not in the packages, and to the plastic, rigid packaging.

Why in the package — as spending package will cost utensils. Bread can be stored only in a carefully dried breadcrumbs, but the best biscuits — biscuits. If you have more funds, you should pay attention to the standard army rations. Those that were manufactured in the Soviet Union — have a huge shelf life (guaranteed years, fifty felts, felts and seventy five) and sin uniformity and large sizes. At the expense of modern shelf life I do not know, but certainly very large, at least comparable. They greatly improved diet (for sixteen recipes) and they are much more comfortable. For example, they are provided with even dry fuel for the heating in the field.

SUPPLIES. The approach to the supplies can be only one. Excessive stocks do not exist. It is worth remembering two sayings: "in the campaign and a cockroach meat" (Russian), and "there is no waste, there are unused resources" (German).


Hammers, saw blades, files, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, drill, drill bits, saws, axes, chisels, jig saw, clamps, nails, screws, nuts and bolts, caliper, awl, trowel, shovel, "crowbar" , hammer, sledge hammer, crowbar. Tweezers. Pliers. Blades hacksaw. Pobeditovym punch Roulette or folding rule. Drill to drill. Folding knife-pliers. Steel scale. Chisel. Clamp. Vise. Ax. Shiloh.


Boards, plywood, leather, plastic, glass, wire, rope, cloth, foam rubber, foam, construction foam, glue, oil paint, paint thinner, tools and materials for painting works, brushes, paints, solvents, linseed oil. Strictly speaking, how much money do not mind. All the same, for the whole life will not save enough. By the way, perhaps the most short supply material will be glass. Replace it will have nothing. Of course it is possible to make or use the remnants of unneeded vehicles already, but the pane will be available elsewhere. Glass is actually a liquid. Actually, the glass is dissolved sand, silica in an ordinary soda.

If you want to — you can try to bake the glass in a gas oven. Get dirty, filled with bubbles of air bar. Which at certain cooling break (take care of your eyes!), And the water will gradually dissolve. When cooking glass is important to follow a few conditions. The washed, clean, maximum fine sand. Our river is very large, especially in the factories of its extra grind. It is necessary that the melt contained in the least amount of air bubbles. To comply with this condition is applied flat shallow tubs that for larger and more powerful the effect of acoustic waves "liquefy". The magnificent story of the glass described in the book "Miracles of chemistry." If there is someone, remember, the price of information from this book very quickly outweigh the price of gold.

Items for kitchen spoons, forks, knives, utensils, corkscrews, can openers, cork, bottle caps and cans, all utensils with a small margin, devices for cleaning (otskrebyvaniya) dishes. Coffee grinder or mortar, but rather both. Bucket or the bucket. Pan and kettle boiler.

Office supplies will eventually become a lot more expensive than nails and axes: paper, notebooks, envelopes, pencils, ball pens and refills to them, erasers, tacks, staples, glue, ruler, set square, drawing instruments.

Disinfectants, detergents, cleaning products: washing paste, soap, potassium permanganate, baking soda, chloramines, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide.

Capacities: plastic bags (including large bags of thick polyethylene) bags, large water containers, including metal.

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