The power of thought — a dangerous weapon

The power of thought - a dangerous weapon

Recently topicality talk of an unknown and incomprehensible, of the esoteric, magic and magic. Once magic and witchcraft was an integral part of the lives of our ancestors. The set of beliefs, signs, rituals and divination determined the lives of our ancestors.

Now various branches of science are changing. Now considered to be not only the visible world that we perceive with our senses five, but a more delicate matter. In addition to the physical body, a person is considered now has energy-field, so to speak Soul or Spirit.

But the most interesting is that the possibilities inherent in man shaking his strength. In particular, the human brain is capable of amazing things … But they can be both good and bad.

Some modern scholars see the connection between the human brain, which is the link between us and the world, and a more delicate matter. The human brain is able to show the electromagnetic activity that has long been able to fix on the electroencephalogram.

There is also the belief that the person your thoughts and intentions can and indeed has an impact on the world around him. Already here and there heard the phrase "thoughts are material."

Thoughts have energy as well. In addition they are always eager to find form and expression. The ability to materialize thoughts already inherent in its nature. Of course, one thought can hardly lead to any changes. But the repetition and concentration on thoughts increases their strength, giving that energy.

People do not say nothing, that "If you really want something, it's sure to get." Our desire helps to concentrate on the object and rendering it as if is the result. Roughly speaking, if well imagine the object, you can get him. Thoughts can have an impact on our state.

There is a case where the driver stopped the traffic police on suspicion of intoxication, the test showed that alcohol was used. However, the driver insisted that this was not, and was sure of it. The point of the matter is that it just might have dreamed about it, which led to changes in the state. Some psychologists do not deny, but confirm the possibility of such a fact.

Psychologist himself became a member of the experiment, which showed that after a few minutes of thinking about alcohol and a clear view of its use, the number of breathalyzer showed some ppm. That's why still worth driving off bad thoughts. There are many practical literature on mastering the art of manipulation of thoughts and reality.

However, if not ironic, very little studied object in the world is our own mind. So many questions yet to answer. But then the fact that he carries a lot of unknown and surprising not challenged. We ourselves do not know what weapons have.

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