The president-elect wants to open a discussion Moldova Moldovan-Transnistrian settlement on equal terms with Russia

Elected president of Moldova Nicolae Timofti for the resolution of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict "within the international documents and the Moldovan-Russian agreements." This is Timofti said March 21 in his own first post-election interview Kishinev edition Timpul.

"I have nothing against Russia. But all the same difficulties between us must be addressed on an equal footing, in the dialogue, even if we are in different weight classes a huge impact on policy," — said Timofti. He called on all officials to represent Moldova at the outer level of a common position on the settlement of the Dniester, "so we have taken as a country that can not defend themselves." According to the views of Timofti, between Moldova and Transnistria "to remove all the barriers", "build a bridge across the Dniester and live for the general enthusiasm of the Republic of Moldova." "And our homeland should take their weapons with our local area, as Moldova — neutral government. Army civilian control you need to change the mission to guard the peace of mind without tanks and aircraft, "- added the elected president Moldova.

Speaking about his own place in the system of government of Moldova, Timofti said that "does not seek to be first," considering the fact that Moldova — a parliamentary republic. "I want to be on your own site. Government should implement a program from the Parliament to make laws, and president maintain a balance in society, "- said the head of the chosen country. He also added that the government thought of Moldova can only be thought of European integration. Timofti stressed that the country does not divide people on political, ethnic, religious or any other aspects. "I wish that they were proud of the fact that they are citizens of the Republic of Moldova, regardless of whether they are Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian," — said the president-elect.

He also expressed the view that the union Moldova Romania is not registered with any Moldovan constitution, nor in the program of government current government, but "the future of the country belongs to future generations." "And if they zahochut merge with Romania, which we can do? Either zahochut merge with Ukraine or Russia — we are then no longer, they will decide. But we can not train them to think spetsefichesky, they should be free in thought and own choice, "- summed up the result Timofti.

As reported by a REGNUM Timofti was elected president of Moldova on March 16. March 19 Constitutional Tribunal found his opportunity. The inauguration of the new head of the country on March 23.

Help REGNUM: The task force Russian troops (OGRF) and Russian peacekeepers are on the ground Dniester Moldavian Republic in accordance with Articles 2 and 4 of the Agreement on principles of peaceful settlement of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict, signed in 1992 by the heads of the Russian Federation and Moldova in the presence of the President of Transnistria. According to Article 8 of the Agreement, it may be terminated or "by agreement", or "in the event of it one of the contracting parties." In addition, in a signed March 18, 2009 in Moscow, a joint statement by the presidents of Moldova, Transnistria and the Russian Federation noted the stabilizing role in the region, acting Russian peacekeeping mission and the need for its transformation into a peace-guaranteeing operation under the auspices of the OSCE only after the Transnistrian settlement. "Istanbul commitments" in 1999 in terms of the export of weapons from Transnistria, Russia taken in the context of the CFE Treaty, but for all that bore the bilateral Russian-Moldovan nature and does not cover third-country nationals, were executed early in 2001. Now in Transnistria have no weapons, which are regulated by the CFE. In July 2007, Russia imposed a moratorium on the observance of the CFE Treaty in view of the fact that the contract has not been ratified by any member state of NATO.

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