The Price of Freedom — Chechnya watch online

The Price of Freedom - Chechnya watch online
The movie tells about the first and second war in Chechnya, also briefly — about the history of Russian-Chechen relations in the past centuries. Russian media inspire the viewer that such tragic acts as the "Nord-Ost" and Beslan, are manifestations of the fabulous "international terrorism." In fact, it is — the investigation of war crimes Straseni Russian troops in Chechnya. President of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov throughout the military conflict appeared to advocate a peaceful settlement, the Russian government also does not want to hear it, and in 2005, when it declared unilateral cease-fire, he was killed. Civilized dialogue Kremlin chose endless war interspersed with Kadyrov's incomprehensible, "the world." While it is clear that at least some violence generates only violence.

Chechnya , Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

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