The primacy of Heaven Kinship


"Imagine Space (the universe, or even life itself) as a whole as a three step design: Worlds Jani, Navi and the Government.

Reality — This is our world, flesh, and the Middle … the world of physical incarnation and the existence of solid matter.

Nav — the world of fine-material, woven from the subtle energies and energy structures (akin to the astral world.) It is like a layer between the world of waking and rules, all that were born in the right in Navi formed and comes into reality (is we)

Regulation — the world's first forms. The world of the gods and ancestors, subtle energies, thoughts, vectors, all that was, is and will be. It himself Rod if you want.

Young soul is born to the Government as energy-flow. Zhivatma, a part of the living space having "intelligence." This is our conscience, our true self! There, she finds the strength and knowledge, and from there begins a descent, by gaining first body spirit, built up of tiny particles of energy in the world are right, and then and soul, derived from the fine-material structures of the world Navi.

And only then, sinking into the middle world, we gain a clear his body. The whole process is just called the Incarnation (Uncovering the flesh)

The process seems to be to know and understand Bole … But when the process starts climbing back, there are different kinds of distortion.

Consider the process of leaving the land (while in his sketch):

After the death of the border, where a clear body finished his service, for whatever reason, we absolve ourselves from the suit (that's why the Slavs and burned body, so leaving the suit so you can quickly and easily. And that's why it is not necessary arrange the death of loved ones, even tragedy, because they go to a higher world, and there will continue to exist .. be happy for them)

Next Essence in the body of the soul (or rather the essence of the spirit in the body, and the spirit of the soul is in the body) is sent into the world, Navi, where it is purified. Purification of the way, the process is very similar to burning and lower forms may seem "hell", with its withering lights. For higher, this is nothing more than a pleasant procedure comparable to the bath in the tub, or Bane. (Nizzhie and higher forms, are those who have not followed the path of development and the degradation of the left, or vice versa went up the path of development, respectively).

Lower forms, the ones that have gone completely the wrong way, that they had been selected initially, fully burn out in the world, Navi, disintegrating into tiny particles of the finest energy that goes into the world of law, and there forms a new life. This process is unfortunately the most common. This is the process of complete rebirth — reincarnation. You failed to fulfill its tasks, so completely reborn again.

If, however, the soul gains experience, and got him a lot … but not in that (those) areas that were necessary for its development and growth, the experience is lost. Such a soul in the world, Navi divided into fine-material layers, some forms of memory, which are then in the formation of a new soul can attach to it, is to the soul they need to move, and so nourish it with their knowledge. This is called the memory of past lives and these lives can be very much … but it's not your life, it's other people's memories. This process is called the Incarnation (the universe). That is someone's memory, a particle of one's life dwell in you to finish the branch experience, that it represents. Sometimes it can be so strong structures, they can cause a split personality.

So that all those who claim that their soul thousands (millions, etc.) years, are wrong, this is no more than the experience of others. Zhivatma itself may be older than the cosmos, but in its incarnations it rarely gets farther-9-12 laps (incarnation)

Just these two processes may be very strong personality souls who just made an error or something is not finish … but this is very rare.

Now consider Climbing Higher entities. Those who have lived their lives, getting maximum experience and going through all the lessons that he himself had planned going up in the world, Navi cleared completely, and do not lose their integrity and memory. If such a soul need any experience yet, she finds a new body eating energy Navi and the Government, in order to re-incarnate and a new experience. Naturally memory trimmed with the arrival on the ground that it did not affect the new experience, but such a being can, at any time, without even knowing about it using a storehouse of knowledge and experience obtained earlier.

Such incarnations, for the experience is most often no more than 3-4x, then if such a soul decides to once again come to the waking world, it comes to helping others, and the 4th-5th incarnation on 7-8th, a soul comes spiritual teacher , instructor in charge, and so on from the 7th incarnation and further, the soul has come to heal the world … treat people and nature, to maintain the highest balance. Above the 9th incarnation of the soul there are extremely rare, because there is simply no need. After the completion of the cases on the ground, the soul goes to the whole structure of the world of law, which is on a par with the other gods, the creator of the universe and other worlds. "

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