The process of birth neoimpery

The process of birth "neoimpery"

In Moscow, a surprisingly fruitful held summits of the Contract of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and Commonwealth of independent states (CIS). The main result of the CSTO summit can rightly be called the decision to ban the placement of foreign military bases on the territory of the member states of the contract without the permission of all members.

With this step, Moscow and its allies struck a powerful blow to the U.S. position in a number of republics of Central Asia (including Tajikistan) military bases after their withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now that foreign base appeared on the terrain of the country CSTO member, you will need to obtain official approval of all countries in the bloc. Immediately at the summit criticized plans for a missile defense system, supported by Russia's position in this matter.

Need to see that the signing of an agreement to ban the placement of foreign military bases documented the fact that the South American base "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan (it appeared there 10 years ago) will be closed after the end of the term of the contract in 2014. Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atumbaev so Makarov, confirmed its position on the U.S. base. After the elections in Kyrgyzstan, he said that the U.S. military base at the airport "Manas" to be taken out of the country in 2014. In his words, he "did not want to, that any government struck back on this basis."

Official Dushanbe no secret of our concern over the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops. The head of the Tajik Foreign Minister Zarifi Khamrokhon at a meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the organization said that the withdrawal of the Western coalition could lead to increased tension in the region. Because, just in case, in the Organization prepared a plan in case of deterioration of the situation in the Afghan state after 2014.

Until recently, remained a mystery position of Uzbek President Islam Karimov. He had previously ignored several summits of the Organization and sharply criticized plans to create a "Eurasian Union", the creation of the Eurasian economic community (EEC), and referred to them as "an attempt to recreate the bankrupt and the totalitarian Soviet system." Head of the Republic of Uzbekistan gave a promise to give a final assessment of vowel new integration plans for the upcoming summit. But did not do so harsh statements at the summit was not. Maybe it influenced the recent actions in Kazakhstan and a statement of the Belarusian president about the need "to take a decision on Uzbekistan", which is waging a "triple play".

Another fundamental decision of the summit can be considered signing a document that allows you to use the collective strength frisky Reaction Force (RRF) for the protection of the constitutional order of the Member States, if they follow the request of the authorities. Now no matter what "color" revolution inside the member countries of the contract may be completely legitimate grounds suppressed by forces came to the rescue of a friendly country. Need to see that the elite of the CSTO obviously worried. Recent activity in Kazakhstan, they say that "shake" the situation can be even in a relatively prosperous Kazakhstan.

Activities in Kazakhstan have expressed some basic phenomena:

— of spontaneous speech is not speech;

— Kazakh authorities and local law enforcement agencies were preventing mass hysteria. Such problem, apparently, was not put;

— law enforcement forces, the authorities are not ready to immediately put an end to the rebellion tough, looting. For their "swing" needed burned buildings, stopping train movements, attacks on their own;

— excitement was a warning to Nazarbayev about his activity in the construction of the "Eurasian Union" and China. The Chinese have shown the vulnerability of the energy infrastructure in the region.;

— the vulnerability of the country.

In general, the issue at the summit initiated by the West of revolutions and riots have paid a lot of attention, as it says on the adequacy of the Organization. The member countries of the Organization of the Collective Security Contract approved "list of activities aimed at developing the information security system in the interests of the CSTO member states," although the content of the document is not yet announced.

The main memory of the summit of CSTO heads of member states show that finally fully realized the terrible danger that comes from fallen into severe crisis of the West, which professes the principle of "you die now, and I tomorrow." And countries CSTO ready to conduct cooperation to neutralize the threat. Practically under external pressure is in the process of integration, the construction of "neoimperii" that will not repeat the previous forms. The question is, Will the favorites of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other members of the organization to build a new alliance earlier than the West destroy them. There is a real race for survival.

It is worth noting another important phenomenon that can assist the Russian Federation to finish the construction process neoimperii. Here the place of the deceased's favorite words Libya's Muammar Gaddafi: "Four months — four months! — You bombards our government, and all are afraid even to say a word of condemnation. Whether else in the world Our homeland, our real home, the one and stately Our homeland, defending the weak, you would not dare. But it's not, it's not, and you torzhestvuete. But you have forgotten one thing: life can unfold, and almost all can still happen in the future. "

The triumph of evil on the planet, his impunity, the humiliation of entire nations (Serbs tyschami ready to take the citizenship of the Russian Federation), social and political injustice, the elimination of the West, the oppression of at least some samples of resistance, retention of residues own autonomy, their own "I" caused a great demand for the existence of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union. Besides enemies so sweet trampled in Russia gryazyuka, danced at our funerals, which ultimately sitting on the stove, "Ilya Muromets" already pretty motivated. Russian athlete needs only "living water" in the form of a 'way of the future ", the majestic ideas, and he would get up and join the battle with evil spirits. Then the "Spring" ("Russian accordion") will extend again.

The truth of history is that the world needs a strong defender, good strength. On Russia looking with hope everyone good will. Builders are still a "New World Order", the world inferno should get rebuffed. The pendulum has gone quite to the "dark side", it's time to go back …

Construction of the "Great Caliphate"

December 20 in Riyadh finished work of the 32nd Summit of the Cooperation Council for the Arab countries of the Gulf (GCC). Lord of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, speaking to several hundred square meters of conference participants, said the subsequent: "I urge you to move from the stage of cooperation and collaboration to the stage of union within a single entity." Favorites of other Arab states supported his proposal, and we are talking about recreating the "Great Caliphate."

At the summit, the GCC decided
to develop one union resistance to threats from the outside. Favorites of Arab States stressed the need to strengthen economic integration and military cooperation. The Cooperation Council will be converted to the Alliance.

The Cooperation Council of the Persian Gulf claimed by Damascus to stop violence in the country, to withdraw its troops from the cities, release prisoners. The Islamic Republic of Iran claimed finish interfere in the affairs of other Muslim states. According to the views of the Arab minions, the main threat to the region comes from Iran.

Earlier it was reported that the company plans to enter Morocco and Jordan. It was decided to create a special fund of $ 5 billion dollars to help these monarchies. In addition, the official stated that Alliance enter and Egypt, the most populous country region. In the Egyptian state is just in the process of transfer of power Islamists, and legitimate way, through elections. On turn Lebanon and Syria, it needs to kill the Alawite community CAP and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

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