The pub filmed something. Video


In 2010, researchers of the paranormal transmission Ghost Adventures visited the pub, famous for the fact that there is often obscure phenomena occur. On the stairs, they were able to film something strange. People with a good imagination is seen in this obscure spot and the child and the stranger and the brownie.

History of Kells Irish Pub (Seattle) begins a pub since 1900, and before that the pub was … morgue. Therefore, the appearance of ghosts in it is quite understandable.

For decades bartenders and visitors have encountered in building a pub with ghosts, especially late at night. It is also often observed strange phenomena, like themselves is to break the mirror or slumping big chunks of plaster, as if some invisible tore it off the wall in one fell swoop.

For many years the pub was bait for a variety of paranormal investigator trying to uncover its secrets. In 2005, the co-owner of the pub Karen McAleese watched the kitchen high black man with a very thin arms, seized from nowhere and disappeared before our eyes. McAleese considers it one of those where-he died in a former mortuary.



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