The real leader of the opposition no

Today ends television appearances of candidates. Who are you the most memorable and why? Meet the residents of Brest.

Mrs."I'm not very closely watched by all. Most of all I remember Sannikov. But in principle, I see no real presidential candidate. Applicants have not previously been in power and do not understand, I think the responsibility that undertake. Perhaps it is even and last term Lukashenko is unknown, as there will be more. But today's candidates with Russia, I think, will not cope. This should be a very toothy politician. "

Mrs."During the performances I liked most Sannikov. But other than that, I look and performance of other candidates. Here's a look at today following two candidates and then I will draw conclusions. "

Mrs."In general, no performance was not looking. I'm not interested. I will not take part in the vote. "

Mr."I do not like anybody and do not remember. I believe that among the candidates have good and decent person. But the performances are fairly short, during which it is impossible to tell about themselves and their programs. Here's to a few candidates before the election campaign was in full view, talked to people — or, as in the UK, was on a stool in the park or on the square and talk to people — that would be a different result. "

Mrs."I watched last speeches of the candidates. But I did not like either one. Some points in the presentations are interesting, but not the entire program, but individual proposals. "

Mrs."I think that we do not have a real leader among the opposition. Maybe that was a really strong personality, similar to the current head of the country, we would have voted for him. "

Mr."I liked the Sannikov and Statkevich. Their performances were quite objective. Among other things, the city where you can see a lot of advertising of these candidates. In my opinion, educated people. "


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