The reason for the winter buzz in Berezniki remained a mystery



The reason for the strange underground strike and its accompanying roar that was heard in one of the days of February residents of Berezniki, Perm territory, and are not set, told reporters on Wednesday, Deputy Chief of the region GUMCHS Alexander Styazhkin.

In addition to the buzz in Berezniki ever happen obscure failures of the soil

Seismic stations registered in the evening on February 21 three tremors in the area of the former mines in the suburbs Bereznikov. There have also been calls from the people, feel the tremors, accompanied by the roar of unknown origin. Earlier in the past few years created three failure of the soil, about the nature of the origin of which the scientists still disagree.

As previously reported by the governor of the region, referring to the scientists, the event did not occur in the region, and it is the part of the Kirov region. Later in the media, referring to the statement of Vice-Premier Igor Orlov region appeared that the incident was a possible source of ammunition disposal at the landfill on the border of the Perm Region and Udmurtia.

"The sound source is not specified, the assumptions were. Speculation that the source of the explosion were Udmurtia have not been confirmed. Ministry of Defence about the fact that their facilities were the source has not been confirmed, I will say more, deny … That fixation (seismic event ) that occurred, it is not possible to determine the exact nature of what it was … But this is clearly not the phenomena that are caused by the failure of Berezniki, "- said Styazhkin.

At the same time, according to the minister of public safety edge Igor Goncharov, experts are constantly monitoring the situation in Berezniki. "And that's the main thing. We must be ready for all deviations" — said Goncharov told reporters on Wednesday.

Sinkhole formed in Berezniki December 4, 2011 near Berezniki mine construction management "BRIC" is the third in a row after industrial accident in 2006 at the Verkhnekamsky potassium and magnesium salts, which led to the flooding of a mine "BRIC". In 2007 there was a technical failure of the factory near the salt, in 2010, a crater under the train tracks in Berezniki.

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