The report of the UN Commission urges countries to legalize prostitution and drug use

The report of the UN Commission urges countries to legalize prostitution and drug useEstablished by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon The Global Commission on HIV and the law also recommends that the social norm is to recognize homosexuality.

The report "HIV and the Law: the risks, rights and health", published in July 2012, including more than one hundred pages of text, said that to prevent HIV nations of the world should legalize and destigmatizirovat drug use, prostitution and homosexual behavior.

The report suggests, in particular, the following recommendations:

"Countries need 3.2 … …

3.2.1. Repealing laws that prohibit the free consent of an adult to buy and sell sex, as well as laws otherwise prohibiting sex work, such as laws prohibiting "immoral" earnings …

3.2.3. Prohibit mandatory testing of sex workers to HIV and sexually transmitted diseases through.

3.2.9. Take decisive steps to reform and reform of relevant international legal standards in accordance with the above principles … "(p. 43).

Similar measures are proposed with respect to homosexuality. In order to prevent HIV, countries are encouraged, in particular, to "remove the legal, regulatory and administrative barriers to the creation of communities and organizations of gay, lesbian or bisexual, and the establishment of such communities and organizations for them" (p. 50), "explicitly deny discrimination based on sexual orientation (and gender identity), "ensure transgender people to indicate their preferred sexual orientation in documents without any preconditions (ie, free to choose the floor stated in the document — with. 54).

"Expert" committee of the countries are also required to "ensure the introduction and enforcement of laws that guarantee the right of every child in school or out of school for a comprehensive education in the field of sexual health" (p. 75).

General Director of the Analytical Center "Family politika.RF" Pavel Parfentiev said of the report:

"Unfortunately, in the case of this report, we are faced with a problem that is increasingly relevant in the work of UN agencies, the Council of Europe and the EU. Under various pretexts, such as "HIV" progressing extremely controversial and unsafe for society concept. These include, in particular, the new, artificially created "rights" do not follow from the binding norms of human rights: these, such as the special "rights" of sexual minorities, the "right" to free choice of gender identity and the so-called "Sexual rights", "right" to abortion. These concepts are, in fact, damaging to the family as the basic unit of any society.

Alas, the above recommendations proposed by the Commission (thank God, it is not a mandatory) can in no way contribute to HIV prevention. On the contrary, their performance will almost inevitably lead to a serious development of an HIV epidemic.

The Commission recommends to legalize all kinds of activities and ways of life, by its very nature associated with an increased risk of HIV, and remove their stigma — in other words, to achieve recognition of their social norm. According to the commission, to overcoming the HIV epidemic will contribute to the full recognition of the social norm of sex, prostitution, intravenous drug users, homosexual behavior.

Meanwhile, the prevalence of HIV representatives of groups that are associated with these kinds of behaviors are not caused by taboos and stigmatization, especially the behavior itself. Hardly universal acceptance of such behavior as "normal" will reduce the incidence of HIV in these groups, and the general population.

Say, it is no secret that homosexual relations between men associated with increased risk of HIV for purely physiological reasons. In Russia, where, according to opinion polls, most of the population does not accept homosexual behavior among gay men with HIV detected in nine times more often than in the general population. However, in the U.S., where such behavior is legal in some states recognize same-sex "marriages" and increasingly the recognition of such conduct "social norm", the incidence of HIV among gay men exceeds that on average 44 times the population, the incidence of HIV among this group is growing.

The sexual education of children lead to early sexualisation of children and adolescents, in fact, destroy the moral and ethical foundations really responsible behavior, including sexual. Offered at the international level (in particular, UNESCO and WHO) standards require sex education indoctrination of children concepts of "normality" of homosexuality and other types of unsafe sex. At the time, the delegate of the Russian Federation to the UN rightly stated that the implementation of such standards in Russia should entail criminal liability under applicable law.

In fact, this kind of "education" in terms of values of many people and families, is a form of corruption of minors, aggressively interferes in the area traditionally recognized rights of the family and parents. Thus in reality, studies show, is not a program such as a strong family and family education is the most effective protection of children from sexual risk behavior.

Generally accepted in science that HIV prevalence among sex workers inevitably higher than the average population (and this will be the case, at least as long as the rampant sexual promiscuity will not be accepted social norm). It is quite clear that the legalization of prostitution does not really address the main risk factor associated with the lifestyle of "sex workers" — a huge number of sexual partners, which are potential carriers or potential victims and subsequent carriers of HIV. Special perplexing call to ban mandatory testing "sex workers" for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases through. It is obvious that such bans will lead to the development of the epidemic, and not to reduce the risk of disease.

In fact, it is obvious that the purpose of these recommendations is not to defend humanity against the HIV epidemic. Their aim is to planting as a social norm in all societies dubious ways of life and activities. This is done under the guise of noble rhetoric of "HIV" and "human rights", but, alas, has no relation to the true prevention, or to genuine universal rights. By extending these concepts are relatively small lobby those who would be appropriate to include "sexual activists", in fact lead to an increase in the incidence of HIV and other serious infections, leading to the death of many people. In addition, they completely ignore the religious and moral values of most sovereign nations.

Such activism is at a high international level, of course, is a serious danger and need to build mechanisms for its effective neutralization. International activities should be conducted on an entirely different basis, in particular — with full respect for the sovereignty, cultural and religious heritage, moral and ethical values of the sovereign people. The activity is in the field of human rights should be focused on the real protection is really universally recognized rights, such as the right to life, rather than promoting false and dubious concepts in which to create new "rights" which have no basis in universal norms. "

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