The river Selemdzha rose to dangerous levels in the Amur

Operational groups MOE went to the village Fevralskoye Amur region due to the sharp rise of the water level in the river Selemdzha, told RIA Novosti the regional government agency Anastasia Olenchuk.

According to meteorologist because of recent rainfall water in the river Selemdzha the area between the villages and Ekimchan Stoyba rose 0.8-1.4 meters of water without going to understand. Forecasters predict that when a flood wave is possible to understand the output of water and flooding villages Fevralskoye Seleindzinski district.

To control the water level in the river near the village Fevralskoye exposed positions, are on high alert capabilities Seleindzinski district. In the village, left the task force Seleindzinski garrison fire department. From Blagoveshchensk went operational group Amur emergency department and rescue workers.

"Population notified of possible flooding of farms. As of Wednesday morning the water a little bit slowed down. During last 12 hours, the water level fell by 17 centimeters, but the weather is very unstable, there may be upsetting. Operational services and district authorities will work in high alert until the situation is stable security, "- said the interviewee.

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