The S-500 entered service troops ASD 2017?

Reported the appearance of complications with weapons troops Aerospace Defense. On this says the fact that the development of the new Russian air defense system (anti-aircraft missile system) C-500 delayed for 2 years. So Makar, adopted Russian army air defense system that goes only to 2017 (not in 2015). Although initially reported on the supply of weaponry to the years 2012-2013.

The S-500 entered service troops ASD 2017?

SAM complex P-500 which develops GSKB of "Almaz-Antey", will do as puzzles missile, and air defense. It is able to operate at an altitude of more than two hundred miles. Compared to the previous generation (S-400 "Triumph") SAM With-500 differs more advanced radar that can identify targets at a distance of 800 km, as the interceptor missile hitting the target, hovering at approximately 7 km / s. In addition, the S-500 system features a very Cancel maneuverability, which is obtained due to its compactness. It is planned to deliver 10 battalions of S-500 into service troops ASD.

At this point in the terrain of the Russian Federation — near Moscow and in the Far East — set a new anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 instead of the C-300, which has long developed their own resource. But in the field of combat readiness of Russian troops ASD stake on the S-500, and not on the C-400. Experts warn that in the current situation related to the delay in the development of S-500 missile defense system of the Russian Federation in fact the case is in a very vulnerable position. The postponement is associated with the development of a huge number of new technologies (it takes time), also with organizational neuvvyazkami manufacturer.

So, for the failure of defense procurement jobs in 2010 related to the supply of S-400 and delay the creation of the C-500, was dismissed from the post of Director General of "Almaz" Igor Ashurbeyli. The very same reason Ashurbeyli sees in his own resignation began the war for money and in the export of defense procurement on ASD. According to him, the Ministry of Defence opposed his resignation. Ashurbeyli also said that everything was going according to plan, and on the technical design of the C-500 were completed by early 2011.

According to the new CEO of GSKB "Almaz-Antey" Vitaly Neskorodova, the company shifted the development time of the S-500 in 2015 due to emerging organizational problems, not technological or engineering. Such difficulties are almost all from the fact that after the death of Alexander Lemansky, who is the creator of the C-400, a year and a half in the company no master builder.

Neskorodov confirmed that work on the engineering design, determine the form of the system, really ended in 2011. But on the technical design had to work for 1.5-2 years (and worked 3 years), because the plan of development of S-500 involves the creation of the complex for 6 years. In this regard, the head of the company believes that there is nothing to be proud of, because half the time that was allocated for the creation of complex, spice company managed to complete only step tehproektirovaniya. And this is only a small part of the tremendous amount of work to be done before the system is put into service.

According to the CEO of the company, the first samples of the individual funds C-500 air defense system in the "hardware" will be to behold at the end of 2012, then pass the tests of the system.

Vitaly Neskorodov, citing the secrecy of disk imaging, did not say about the features that distinguish the S-500, but noted that this system is quite modern, not echoing with the C-400, due to its applied in the development of new technical solutions. They allow to solve problems on a more upmarket and quantitative level. According Neskorodova, the S-500 air defense missile systems is not usual in plain view of her. It will be something more. According to the draft, system nor in what will not yield the best analogues in the world.

Head of "Almaz-Antey" does not divide expressed fear about the vulnerability of Russian missile defense system in the absence of the C-500. Neskorodov noted that the currently running program that assuming complete renovation and modernization of the C-300 to a level of previous generations of the "Favorite", which is the top of the complex.

Vitaly Neskorodov assured that the technical solutions that are used in the "Favorite", it is to meet the modern standards. Special asserts that there is a strong logical relationship between the terms of supply of the latest generation of systems and procedures modernization of old times complexes because of circumstances for fear does not exist.

The company CEO told that GSKB "Almaz-Antey" absolutely eliminated all outstanding obligations to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on the state defense order. Currently the company operates in a regular schedule associated with the supply. Also ensure that all deliveries of S-400: The company has established and deposited in the Kaliningrad region the third set of the system.

Recall that the SAI was created in 2001 and is associated with the formation in Russia Gallakticheskih troops. In 2010, on the orders of President Dmitry Medvedev made troops ASD. In his own address to facing the Federal Assembly, the President has proposed to merge under a single strategic command of the air and missile defense systems, control gallakticheskogo space and missile warning.

In the ultimatum Yankees related to the stalled negotiations on missile defense systems, Dmitry Medvedev instructed to take measures to strengthen the anti-missile shield Russia. Under this order on December 1, troops aerospace defense have taken up for combat duty.
Last week, during a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, responsible for the development of the military industrial complex, Medvedev announced the start of production of missile destruction EKR very recently. Such systems will be needed not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Rogozin, in turn, reported the president of the beginning of construction of new plants in Russia, where it will go to the creation of air and missile defense systems. According to the vice-premier, similar enterprise Nizhny Novgorod each year will produce armaments worth 6 billion rubles and will provide jobs for five thousand people. Munitions factory in Kirov give another 3 thousand jobs.

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