The sound of death

It is understood that the sound waves and their introduction into military purposes has long lured the attention of professionals. Even in the period before the second world war in a number of states, including the Russian Union developed sound-system scoring position artillery batteries of the enemy by the sound of their shots from the following application to the attacks. These sound-system did, in fact, passive, "defensive" nature. But in 1960-1970 became apparent enthusiasm for the use of sound sources for the creation of the "offensive" weapons that can inflict damage to people of varying severity or limit their capacity. At the time of working on it is not widely publicized, to a large extent were closed nature and, judging by later publications, special achievements in science and technology then was not reached. It turned out that such devices were very expensive, extremely complex and important thing is not having the desired orientation of the act. The situation with the acoustic instrument significantly changed after the "cool" of the war, when a broad front have been deployed in a number of countries (particularly in the U.S., England, land of the rising sun) research on the creation of "non-lethal weapons" (PDF). Various modifications of the guns were seen as a very effective means to neutralize the significant numbers of people, especially in those cases when you need to avoid causing them to cause death or injury languid.

In considering the problems of creation and damaging acts of acoustic instruments should be noted that, in general, it covers three frequency spectrum: infrasound — frequencies below 20 Hertz (Hz), although they can be heard and the sounds of lower frequencies, especially in cases when the sound pressure is great enough, an audible — 20 Hz to 20 kHz. With all of this found that hearing thresholds, pain and negative impact the human body decreases with increasing frequency sound from a few Hz to 250 Hz. For frequencies above 20 kHz usually use the term "ultrasound". This gradation determined by the characteristics of sound effects on the human body and, at first, in his hearing aid.

The sound of death

Considering the influence of acoustic instruments on the human body, it should be seen that it is very diverse and covers a wide range of possible consequences. The report SARA for 1996 are summarized some results of the research in this area. For example, points to the fact that infrasound at 110-130 dB has a negative effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, causing pain and nausea, with all this, the highest levels of anxiety and frustration reached at minute exposures are at levels of 90 to 120 dB low frequency (5 Hz to 200 Hz) and strong physical injury or tissue damage occur at the level of 140-150 dB. A moment of injury, type of injury from the effects of shock waves occur at sound pressure of 170 dB. At low frequencies, excited resonances of the internal organs can cause bleeding and cramping, and in the mid-frequency range (0.5-2.5 kHz) resonances in the air cavities of the body will cause the jitters, and overheating of tissue injury to internal organs.
On large and ultrasonic frequencies (from 5 to 30 kHz) can be created to overheat right to fatally high temperatures, tissue burns and dehydration. On a more high frequencies or at small momentum as a result of cavitation bubbles can form tissues and microfractures. With all this research creator specifies that in his opinion, some similar statements about the effectiveness of acoustic instruments cause severe doubt, this is especially true in sub-audible and audible range. In his view, in contrast to a number of articles in the defense press, infrasound extraordinary power has not so high, is said to impact on people, the pain threshold is higher than in the audio spectrum, and as yet there is no reliable evidence concerning the alleged effects on the internal organs, on vestibular apparatus.

Many people think that the acoustic tool — It's something out of science fiction. But it is not only there, and used. For example, in November 2005, "acoustic cannon" assist the crew of the cruise liner Seabourn Spirit repel pirates who attacked the ship off the coast of Somalia. Pirates fired at the ship with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, and then tried to take it on board the ship. But the Seabourn Spirit was equipped with LRAD — Long Range Acoustic Device (sound device distant act). After the device was powered by the pirates fled.

LRAD — is a sound instrument that relates to the level of "non-lethal". While the consequences of its impact on the human body have not been explored, spices believe that it may be unsafe for your health. This "sonic gun" was developed by American Technology commissioned by the Pentagon after the terrorist attacks on the South American destroyer "Cole" in Yemen in 2000. For the past couple of years, a device used by the U.S. Navy ships. For example, it is installed on ships that are in the Persian Gulf.

The sound of death

It is understood that the installation weighs about 20 kg, has a "plate" hemispherical shape with a diameter of about one meter and the outside looks like a spotlight or locator. It produces a narrow piercing sound the highest frequency, similar to the wail of fire sirens, but louder. Volume LRAD achieves 150 dB and can even destroy the human hearing system (for comparison: in the fire siren — 80-90 dB). With all this frequency sound vibrations of 2100-3100 Hz. But these properties sound has only inside a narrow beam so that sound strike does not harm the operator, and affects only opponents. "The Cannon" will affect the enemy's force of sound, stunning it and causing a painful shock.

Before the emergence of LRAD all samples make effective acoustic instrument ended in failure. Although the first case of its successful implementation is described in the Bible. There tells the story of how the Jews, led by Joshua destroyed the walls of Jericho, the old sound of the sacred pipe. Make your "Jericho pipe" to shoot down enemy planes, the Germans tried during the second world war. Fortunately, they did not succeed.

Doctor of Technical Academy Tsippermeyer Luftwaffe developed a set Windkanone («Wind gun"). It is also the combustion chamber gas mixture explode, but a striking factor used vortices compressed air tight ring twisted into special nozzles. It was assumed that such rings that were released into the sky, would break the South American planes to pieces. Model gun Tsippermeyera broke into pieces board for 150 yards, but when the Ministry of munitions made a full-scale installation at the site near the town of Hillersleben, it became clear that the impact strength of the vortex rings rapidly weakens and can not cause harm to the aircraft.

Failed and sabotage against England: the Nazis had intended to send the British special records with records of favorite tunes, which were at playing exude infrasound.

But back to Tbilisi. According to the stories of the protesters during the gas attack they subconsciously reaching for a mobile phone to call loved ones. But the conversation always i
mmediately interrupted. And right behind it with their mentality there was something weird: they felt strshny horror irresistible desire to run somewhere, yell, jump. People thought that they go to the brain or die. Then they lost control of himself, and there is a period of total loss of memory, which lasted one and a half to 5 hours. After that, people find themselves in the most unexpected places of the town.

Those who were not gassed, were that experienced a terrible pressure in the ears and head, fear and panic. Do they also have memory lapses. The result is that all there is a strong role in the horror of all public events, demonstrations and rallies.

But the most fascinating is that when a subsequent day people sought medical assistance in hospitals in Tbilisi, some strange foreign experts at without any requests from the victims shot in their electroencephalogram (in other words, performed electronic record brain activity). EEG customers for some reason were not given. Specifically, these weird stories about research and have caused Mikhailova suspicion that over the people was held in Tbilisi some experience.

This sounds like science fiction. But the browser has learned that on a theoretical level, it can be completely. Moreover, the development of methods of mind control people, our country once was far ahead of the West. I managed to visit the laboratory where doing similar research.

Sad … grayish outskirts of Moscow, Russian acceptable entourage, battered walls. It is unlikely that many suspect that here, under the roof of the Stalinist Engineering Research Institute, found a shelter disciples and followers of the "father of Russian psychotronic weapons," Igor Smirnov, who died a couple of years back. By the way, Dad Smirnov was the head of the Stalinist Smersh Abakoumov Victor, who was arrested when his son was 4 months old, and three years later was shot. So the "sovereign's eye" closely followed by Smirnov life — at first because of my father, and later already because of his own discoveries. His work was conducted in secrecy and under the close supervision of the KGB. Even registered their patents have titles and numbers only.

— Psychotronic tool we develop, we are a peaceful people — says the Research Institute of Psy Maxim Konobeevskiy. — However, our dual-purpose technologies. It's like a kitchen knife: it can cut vegetables for a salad, but you can kill a human. Because there is a ban on intelligence dissemination.

In general terms, the essence of the technology developed by Smirnov, is to appeal specifically to the human subconscious, bypassing his mind. This allows, on the one hand, read out the hidden information, such as identifying potential criminals. And on the other — to influence the thoughts, motivations and behavior.

In 1993, the U.S. government has asked the Smirnov for help in resolving the conflict with the sect, "Branch Davidian". Sectarians were going to make self-immolation and barricaded themselves on the ranch. It was necessary to somehow force them to abandon the plan. Smirnov offered to transfer the music from the speakers, and on its background — coded appeals to sectarian their relatives. But the venture failed when the Americans did not realized and began to transmit calls relatives openly. It only angered sectarians.

— Our technology can be used to influence the mass, — says Maxim Konobeevskiy — Owning it, make the necessary technological means easy.

Device "sound cannons", equipped with a computer, as we recall, allows you to transfer at least some digitized sound, including semantic coded messages. Maybe it's specifically made to Tbilisi?

Americans could totally put similar equipment and methods of their Georgian partners. But most likely not to break up opposition demonstrations. And for implementation in conflict regions — Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In addition, the South American legislation aggressively regulate the activities of secret services in the country United States. Because tests are not clear procedures on humans, they prefer to spend the least advanced countries.

Reaching LRAD acoustic cannon does not look very hostile, but in the modern successors to the case of Captain Flint and Henry Morgan has an impressive effect: they can take naked hands.

The sound of death

In autumn 2005, off the coast of Somalia pirate speedboats surrounded the peaceful cruise ship «Seabourn Spirit». Confident in their own advantages, pirates claimed to pull the ladder, but after a couple of minutes were required to throw their machine guns and grenade launchers, holding hands over her ears in pain …

This was the first successful combat use of "acoustic cannon» LRAD, is located on the liner — 1st type of "non-lethal" weapons, the development of which, in recent years, many countries are intensively involved.

But the sound "weapons of terror" usually has a huge drawback — it will also affect those who use it. Samples do narrowly focused sound sources have a short-term success — it was all very simply on the open range, but in the town of sound waves reflected from the walls of houses and echoing vorachivalis ago. What to do — put the calculations "sound cannons" to expensive soundproof box?

Absolutely sealed for armored transport provides effective protection against radiation of low frequency sound. Everyday transport, not having proper insulation, can pass inside the low-frequency vibrations. With the penetration of low-frequency sound through the cracks and windows of the structure may appear highest internal pressure as a result of room resonance.

The resonance phenomenon can be applied during the siege of the structure, in which there are terrorists. In this case, if the highest frequency used, the iron coating the walls and windows can provide a substantial weakening of the sound. In conclusion, it should be emphasized that with regard to the harmful acts of acoustic instruments is still a lot of "snow-white" spots, scientific and technical analysis which is still awaiting its own researchers.

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