The sounds of the apocalypse excite mankind


There are consistent reports from witnesses of a strange buzz that reaches from the sky

Reports of unexplained noises, which, according to eyewitnesses, the sound of the sky. This phenomenon has been dubbed "UFO sounds" or even "sounds of the apocalypse," the mysterious, fast destruction of mankind. Scientists skeptical of these reports, but a clear answer yet can not give.

People from all parts of the Earth are concerned about an unusual phenomenon, which they do not find a reasonable explanation. They claim to hear strange, unlike anything that sounds that are heard as if from the sky. They are sometimes described as the "growl" sometimes as "rumble slowly approaching mechanism." Most acoustic anomalies are accompanied by the appearance of flying objects. Someone thinks they sound engine flying boats, and some are talking seriously about the end of the world, and this is his first call, so to speak.

Just recently, one of the people in London told me that his days chasing a strange noise. At first the sound was quiet, hardly distinguishable, but gradually grew louder. "At first I did not even notice it. My factory is located behind the house, there is often hear all kinds of noises. But now I realize that there is something inexplicable. I'm scared," — said the Englishman, who asked to remain anonymous.

It should be noted that the unusual phenomenon of hearing and in Russia. For example, in November last year, an unknown resident of Kazan posted to the Web video, which can be heard a strange hum. And no trains, no airplanes were not around. And these sounds, these vehicles do not emit.

Scientists can not say with certainty who or what belongs to such noise. They are inclined to believe that together could give such an effect. Wind, passing cars, street noise, television neighbors behind the wall are arranged in a special way, creating an unusual sound. Another common version is the auditory hallucination. The most common sound may become distorted in perception, so in the mind of the man sounded different. This can happen because of extreme fatigue, sleep disorders, or during illness.



University of Chicago psychologist Neil Johnson believes that to blame his imagination. "It's all mind games. When we really want to see or hear something, we imagine it, and then start to believe that indeed witnessed the inexplicable. Each of us can remember at least three stories when the darkness took the hanger a man in the hallway. Same thing with hearing. Any thing we can not immediately find an answer immediately gets discharge paranormal "- explained Johnson.

In addition, the Internet is flooded with fakes, which is particularly difficult to work scientists. Fans of sensations often impose sounds from old records to a new video series in an attempt to secure a thousand views on the canal. Many simply amuse themselves by manufacturer "ducks." This theme became popular and started to cause real interest, so this wave a desire to post it in his sensational videos.


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