The strange thing. Double Jesus watch online

The strange thing.  Double Jesus watch online
In May 2002, a group of historians working in the English State Museum, suddenly found a previously unexplored document, in which the Egyptian language was written prayer almost word for word repeating the Orthodox prayer, "Father, our. " But, the main sensation of scientists expected later, when it became clear that the scroll is dated the year 1000 before our era. But how can this be? Indeed, in view of the official science of Christianity did not exist then, and not Jesus Christ was born, which in biblical legend and darooval his disciples a prayer, "Father, our. " In the course of the forthcoming study found that in the hands of historians got "Prayer blind ", written by the legend of King Akhenaton. But where so many coincidences? Neuzh what the Bible was written on the basis of the old Egyptian texts? And if it is indeed the case, then who in fact was the founder of the religion of the 1st outcast god and history Egyptian Pharaoh?

A strange thing — a series of programs

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