The structure of the Military Medical Academy are not sold, but will be repaired

The buildings of the Military Medical Academy are not sold, but will be repaired

The highest Russian authorities showed severe enthusiasm for what is going on in terms of trying to implement the country's Defense Ministry buildings belonging Military medical Academy. Namely, Russian president, Speaking at a meeting of Council for Culture and the Arts said that the Ministry, headed by Anatoly Serdyukov will not sell the building complex of the Military Medical Academy of. Instead it will be held in the buildings of a serious repair, and after him in the walls of the historic buildings will be prepared medical personnel. The very same Army Medical academy Now would be based in a brand new complex of buildings, which is outside of St. Petersburg. Specifically, the remoteness of the new buildings, the intention of the Ministry of Defence to put historical buildings VMA with a hammer and served as a prerequisite for the growth of public discontent.

President Putin's words sounded in time. In this regard, hunt hopes that the repairs will be carried out by all modern standards and with all this, it would be the final price to be adequate. And then it often happens that the final estimate of repairs and relocations schools and municipal services cost the treasury billions of dollars, but is particularly effective when all of this is not visible. Often end up checking it appears that repairs were either incomplete or non-existent. After repairs Military medical Academy — is finally not repair baths with your hands, there is only funding from the budget of the Ministry of Defence.

Putin's words commented director Sokurov, whose position often held view does not coincide with the official authorities. Namely, Sokurov said that the president takes the right decisions, but Russian bureaucracy, these solutions are often ignored. He cited as an example the situation to "Lenfilm" where even if the political will of the highest governance problems can not be solved.

Sokurov separately identified that against ordinary people in the country is a whole army of thieves who are trying to reach only their own purposes. Next Sokurov directly to the president of the country to follow the way the presidential decision will be made in terms of Military Medical Academy in the northern capital.

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