The tallest man in the world finally stopped growing


29-year-old Turk Sultan Kosen, for several years as a recognized tallest man in the world, finally stopped in his quest in height. Its growth currently stands at 2 meters 51 centimeters.

However, not all by itself. Eighteen months ago, the Turk was made innovative and complex operation using "gamma knife." Sultan began to rise at age 10 when his pituitary gland, a tumor, produce huge amounts of growth hormone. For nearly two decades, he grew up to 2.5 meters. With this increase there was a threat of his life — the skeleton could at any moment does not withstand the load.


In 2008, the Sultan was made the first operation that removed a tumor. However, the growth of the Turk has not stopped. Only in 2010 at the University of Virginia after testing the newest method of treatment the doctors were able to achieve results. They are now safe to say that Sultan finally stopped in growth.

Despite this Sultan Kosen, obviously, for a long time will remain in the Guinness Book of Records. In addition to the record in growth, it belongs to, say authors of the book of unusual accomplishments, also a record in the amount of hands — the distance from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger it is 28.5 cm

Sultan believes his height disadvantage, and life — difficult, although he admits that being so tall has its advantages. For example, it is easy to hang curtains without a ladder at home for mom.




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