The Time Travelers gaffe


American Melvin Wilson, who lives in Virginia, in the last ten years, four times won the lottery a large sum. In 2004, he received the first 25 thousand dollars and a year later he was lucky to win twice at once — one million dollars and 500,000 dollars.

Last time fortune smiled Wilson recently when he won another 500 thousand dollars. The very lucky man explained his good fortune that "is just in the right place at the right time." However, experts in contact with time travelers very skeptical versions of luck, but according to the latest Wilson listened.

In their view, "in the right place at the right time" — this is what the specialized than visitors from the future coming to us with both research and for commercial missions. One of the "hunters for time travelers" are understandably eager to anonymity, commented on the next prize Wilson: "This guy is a long time in our file cabinet.

Rather, it is a temporal traveler-illegal immigrant, that is, arrived in our time to relax and cut down some money. Put it in the bank, and then come back to the future, and takes away from the account with interest. This is how the subject should be limited in order to use the time machine for such nonsense! "

The same researcher cited a passage from accidentally fallen into his hands the file with a memo for time travelers, "Do not go into the past without taking a stock quote information and winning lottery tickets. It will allow you to survive the barbaric conditions of past centuries, if for some reason your return is delayed.

At the same time, remember that for every winning the lottery can claim another time traveler. Try not to clash with your contemporaries because of this. Be careful — the frequent winnings can be brought to the attention of your intelligence and the media. " "It turns out that Wilson had ignored the last advice and because he was caught.

But how many more undiscovered visitors from the future are walking our streets? "- Asks a reasonable question," hunter ". He estimated that at any point in the world are from five to ten thousand "inovrementsev," and many of them came here not with good intentions. Of course, in the background of Melvin Wilson seems quite harmless individual.

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