The title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously) awarded the Officer of the Interior troops

Presidential Decree of January 9, 2012 for personal courage, heroism and bravery shown during the execution of military duty in the criteria associated with the risk of their lives, chief headquarters detachment of special purpose "Typhoon" Eastern Regional Command of Interior Troops of the Russian Federation lieutenant colonel Maslov Ivan was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).

In June 2011, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Maslov sent to the Republic of Dagestan on a business trip. From June to August, he once took part in a special operation to search and destroy the armed gangs.

August 17th division squad were searched armed group in Khasavyurt district. After discovering the bandits got into a fight, during which the bandits attempted to break through the battle lines Special Forces. Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Maslov setting was properly assessed and to prevent the breakthrough they had entered into battle reserve, which was headed by himself.

The plan of bandits, so Makar, and they managed to break, taking a more profitable position, moved to the reserve firepower, approaching him. In these complex criteria lieutenant colonel Ivan Maslov acted decisively and skillfully, demonstrating to these criteria the best features of an officer Special Forces BB. By keeping a continuous fire on the militants and making diversions, Maslov given the opportunity to leave their subordinates under a flank attack, in order to regroup after re-engage. Lieutenant colonel, covering his comrades, was seriously wounded, but continued to control the actions and conduct fire departments. Unfortunately, they acquired wound was fatal, and the officer died by running to the end of its own military duty.

Thanks to the heroism and courage of Colonel Maslov able to prevent the death of troops in combat. With all of this gang was neutralized. As a result of the operation was the destruction of 6 active members of gangs, found a multi-level, well-camouflaged underground terrorist base, ammunition, small gun, communications, and documents exposing the activities of a terrorist group.

Maslov Ivan was born on November 15, 1978 in the town of Artyom. In 2000 he graduated from the Military Institute of the Far East with a difference. At the end of the school got rassredotachivanie in the MIA of Russia. During his service he commanded a platoon, a company, a group of special forces, was chief of intelligence and deputy chief of staff of the regiment, the chief of staff of office. On the territory of the North Caucasus-made service-combat tasks. In 2009, Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Maslov was appointed Chief of Staff of the detachment of special purpose "Typhoon" Eastern Regional Command of Interior Troops of the Russian Federation.

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