The U.S. president met with aliens


U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with aliens on U.S. military bases and mentally communicate with aliens, a former consultant told the world the Pentagon and the U.S. Congress, and now the British ufologist and author Timothy Good in an interview BBC2.

According to the scientist, just off the 34th President of the United States had three meetings with aliens, and all of them took place in New Mexico in 1954 and were assigned earthlings with "telepathic messages". Unfortunately, no evidence of these contacts did not survive. However, Timothy Good sure that Eisenhower, with the assistance of the FBI was even organized interplanetary Summit, held at the Air Force Base and Holloman was "a lot of witnesses," this significant event.

Hood argues that the aliens arrive on earth for a long time. During this time, as they were in contact with the heads of states and with ordinary people. Ufologist convinced of course, "90% of the stories about UFOs can be explained scientifically, but millions of people around the world have seen them actually."

I must say that the rumors about Eisenhower meeting with the aliens go a very long time, which gave rise to an infinite number of conspiracy theories. For example, a congressman from the state of New Hampshire, Henry McElroy — Jr., published in 2010, an intriguing video message in which he admitted that he had seen a classified document, intended to Eisenhower. In this paper, according to McElroy, said that aliens came to America, and that the President could meet them.

"From the tone of the report, it was clear that no cause for concern and that these visitors will not be harmed," — said McElroy. The congressman also admitted that he could not find the time and place of meetings with "extraterrestrial astronauts," but I'm sure they were held.

According to documents released in 2010 by the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, had witnessed the emergence of a UFO and Winston Churchill. Lovers of ufology even suggested that Churchill spoke to Eisenhower for advice on how to react to the appearance of an unknown object, and after determining it as a UFO ordered classify documents for 50 years.

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