The Vedic tradition of ancient and VseYaSvetnaya Diploma

"A" — beech, inspires joy VelikoChuvstvennogo Being sign humanizing neighborhood. Recall that space-time Kontiniumalnaya stage is "Az" … "From" Life Force.

The Vedic tradition of ancient Russia has preserved for us the knowledge that many thousands of years ago on our blue planet Ter.Ra — Terem Ra — Terem Sun ("Ra" — The name of the sun god in ancient Russia and Ancient Egypt) was one of Russia GospodArstvo Kyevska capital of the whole earth, the Capital City Kyevom, one SpravnoSlavnym Folk, one religion and one language.
Our first parents greeted each other like this: "You RaDostizheniya," ie, "Ra-Sun Achievements you," because they knew that we are — Children of the Sun. And the answer was: "Freedom in EdinaChestve (unity)." And who can find this truth — will be free.

They were in charge and what a great word "slave" — a Sun Ra, "B" — the Divine level and you can not use this word to mean "slave." And if something is good quality, with a soul made, then exclaimed in admiration: "spravno worked" without calling it work, because the words "labor", "corpse", "trash", "drone" may be used only to refer to mutilation something. They also did not use the phrase "wow." Then who is it? All the enemies of the human race? And think of anything? No house, no land, no knowledge?

"Az" — one that is by the Word of the rule. Bukova Glubostnogo MyslEte. Laments from the devastation, Bastion Fortress Space-Time Steps Kontiniumalnoy (PVKS).

Now it is very common in everyday speech the term "care." Think, can be equal to a million penny, bad thing — good! Our Literate progenitor of the verb: "All are one," "All the same," ignorant of world unity, the unity of all life on Earth. "TRY" — torturing yourself, "disassemble" — disassemble itself, "fight" — to tear himself, because the particle "Xia" means "ourselves." And they said, "focus" — center yourself, ie concentrate, synthesize large amounts of information — knowledge to the point and take a right decision.
Knowing the Letter ZhizneVoskhozhdeniya, our ancestors could sow the Word field, full of life of the sea and oceans trekinutsya a wolf, a falcon fly, swim pike, even recorded on a ray of light and shifted in space and time, that is, able Oratov Word VseyaSvety (Oralschik — Plowman). For this mighty gift of God Vsederzhatelya they were called Gentiles, that is, language create. And the people in ancient times in Slavonic called "languages" or "heathen."

"Buki" — Divine Courage, Knowledge, Heavenly Humanity for the arrival of the Sower Angel Future unifying time, ie Built to the time-based Earth poTvortsovyh perception. — People poTvortsovoVremennogo Radiant Past Cycled The energy SpravnoSlavnuyu Himself on masculinity at NavnoKosmicheskuyu — Women's, only to obezpechit Climbing children who Obrazumlivayut NovoTverd and inspiring NovoSprovnoSlavie PrezhneSolnechnoy by ancestral memory.

Literate combination Bukov makes people light and good feelings. These feelings can work wonders, to overcome physical and mental illness, would revive the consciousness inherent People biological civilization. In the combinations and combinations Bukov not be symmetry (symmetry rules say some false teachers), and should be based on eternal development and ascent to higher levels of consciousness and spirituality.
Many people already know that the prayers — are certain competent combination Bukov that enlightened people lined up with God's help. sily sla stremyatsya away from person to enjoy the grace that comes from these combinations. For this, they pytayutsya ismenit "language" — introduce iskazhennye "words" and remove Literate, meaning replacing these. Earlier in our language were 147 Bukov to Earth Plane Perception and 1234 for the Universal beeches. Now there are 33, and, for example, on some computer keyboards and typewriters removed beeches "E" and "b". Each erase from our minds Bukowa robs people knowledge.
People have forgotten that in mind the greatness of Human Humans great responsibilities. When dopuskaetsya big gap between rights and obligations, it is as if a opuholeobrasovanie rastratoy health.
And gradually it became slo vgrysatsya in human econiche, even among people began to appear nedomerki that pouteryali Divine powers because of crippling sense of words, proverbs, tales, cigarette smoke destroys itself, pyanstvom, drugs, etc. seksopatiey. Therefore, our first parents were not able to keep all the knowledge about the Universe in every person, and they save are hidden from those who could not, or at nerazumeniyu or deliberately use them in slo. Knowledge have given only Dobroplodno People. So there was a hidden language dignity — Sanskrit. But in 1979, the Universal Mind (divine powers), in connection with the catastrophic situation BioTsivilizatsii ground, allowing open to all VseYaSvetnuyu teach literacy. Thus, humanity has the opportunity to accept ancient knowledge to make a qualitative leap in their spiritual development.

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