The world of e Slavery (new video from Galina Tsareva)

In this movie, you can hear the expert in the field of computer technology — Vladimir Medvedev, who for the past 20 years has been at the center of development and implementation of e-government in the U.S. and Russia, was an expert e-government programs.

The film tells how to change the basic values of the people, how to destroy Energy and Coal Industry of Russia, why build a NATO base in Ulyanovsk. How the electronic archive for people across Russia, that is e-government and e-government, as is the collection of personal data, where the data and the inability to get their protection SNILS what and how it was formed, what is dangerous UEC and electronic card as a student and card can be an impact on the human mind, that is the people, not to accept UEC, how affects people mobile, computer, what bioresonance influence, how can bear the mark of the human body — all this leads to the inevitable creation of a single state with a single ruler led — Antichrist.
Unfortunately, spiritual euthanasia so overwhelmed by people that they no longer notice the latent cunning servants, the enemy of mankind, and therefore can make a mark on the hand and forehead, even knowing the theory that the Gospel forbids it to do. No one knows when the Antichrist is coming, but Russia is already over the precipice, ready to fall to his arrival. Therefore it is necessary to deal with the imminent kingdom of darkness, now that the opportunity has not been taken away control from us. Any deviation from a struggle now, anybody even the slightest compromise with evil in the name of coexistence with them, admitted today only further increase the difficulty to deal with it tomorrow. Need to "do things … while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." Moscow — the Third Rome — the last bastion of the earth, holding the beast. But he was already bursting at the seams, God forbid, that survived.

Galina Tsareva, 2012

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