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Here are taught to fly planesIn almost all parts of the front-line aircraft of Russian Air Force is possible to behold mounted on pedestals jets with reddish stars on planes, symbolizing their steep angle of 45 degrees, take off into the sky. Akhtubinsk garrison, where they live and serve as test pilots, too, there are many sites with the aircraft on pedestals. But that's the kind feature: there winged cars, ascended to the pedestal symbolize even steeper rise — almost 90 degrees. In a sign it — a special meaning. Aviators who "taught to fly airplanes," the line of duty in the tests have to experiment, then forcibly entering the car into a spin, then rising steeply up to the detailed study of the behavior of all its systems in critical situations …

On the appointment of the highest service test pilots "Red Star" asked to tell the head of the Municipal Flight Test Center (GLITs) Of the Ministry of Defense of the Hero of the Russian Federation Russian Federation test pilot 1st class Colonel Radhika Barieva.

— Radik Abrarovich which solves puzzles in today's academic year, the staff of the Centre?

— According to plan flight test work for 2012 year at the moment we step on the municipal tests are a few cars of the Su-35. We have begun to assess all the systems of the aircraft. By the end of 2012, around October, will prepare the preliminary findings on the initial batch of these aircraft for their upcoming trial operation by the troops.

The process of flight tests of the Su-35 passes clear on schedule, and it's safe to say that the implementation of this important tasks completed on schedule. This coming glycerol, work will continue on the main pitch full evaluation of all the faculties of the aircraft, its combat effectiveness in accordance with the design of tactical and technical characteristics for the final act of the state acceptance.

— One of the important functions of glycerol — providing aid instructor pilots to combat units on their mastery of the latest aviation technology, in other words, by retraining flight crews. What is being done at the Centre in this regard?

— Retraining crews formations, units, and educators and higher military aviation training institutions that receive brand new aviation technology, is regulated by the governing documents. This work we are passionate about constantly. That is absolutely not so long ago, the flight crews Syzransky school running our testers have mastered some new standards helicopters. I have to see that the Centre has established the closest possible cooperation on a helicopter combatant subject to all air units, including those with the Center for training and retraining of pilots of army aviation in Torzhok, who recently received the new helicopters.

If need be we conduct theoretical courses, practical training and retraining of pilots with providing them with a new air armament specifically at the sites of glycerol. Thus, the pilots Lipetsk Municipal Center for Aviation personnel and military trials of the Defense Ministry, who will trial operation of the Su-35, after the theoretical training on flight boards OKB "dry" will come to us in the glycerol is for practical development of this machine. Extensive work on the preparation and retraining of military pilots to operate the Northern Fleet aircraft carrier-based aircraft of new modifications.

— At a meeting on the implementation of the State applets on aircraft, on June 14, 2012 in the location of the 393rd Air Base Air Force Korenovsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking about plans for the commissioning of new military airfields and airfield mentioned glycyl Akhtubinsk . How is the test base update Municipal Flight Test Center?

— Experimental testing facilities here in Akhtubinsk created in the main 60-80-ies of XX century, when there was a preparation for testing aircraft 3rd and 4th generations. With this in mind, the ability to expand and update polygon base, the laboratory complex. But aviation technology is in the process of constant development and updating. In connection with this task and to improve the testing facilities glycerol is always a priority.

Russian President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin set to bring the puzzle to 2020 the share of modern aircraft in the Army to 70 percent. In aviation, one of the principal directions of the intended goal will be to work on creating a promising aviation complex Distant Aviation (PAK DA). In short, the implementation of State programs from weapons on aircraft — a very difficult task. She asks first major expansion and development flight test base of our Center. I would like to emphasize that the glycerol — the country's only organization conducting tests and acceptance of modern weapons and equipment supplied by the defense industry for the Air Force.

The increase in the volume of the test works and their complexity demanded command GLITs zanogo assess the condition and characteristics of in-service runway (runway), and based on this work out a solution for its modernization. The survey found that the runway at its current technical condition — and the length and quality — is not fully meet the needs of day or tomorrow. And the condition of the runway test facility directly depend on the quality of the test itself, and the safety of an expensive aircraft. Reconstruction of the runway, upgrading testing facilities will enhance the intensity of the test will enable more timely to consider the purchase of materials, which will reduce the time and costs of the tests on their own. Constructed by WFP estimated to be increased by almost two times, in other words, up to 4 km, which will allow testing of promising aviation systems.

Our proposals in this regard have been submitted to the Minister of Defence and supported. The commissioning of the bands on our airfield in Akhtubinsk will allow to carry out here in full the full range of tests, including such topics as the "engine failure", "interrupted and continued ups", "landing with the greatest burden," which at the current time we usually tolerated by the test base in Zhukovsky. Resources to ensure bands are already allocated, the task to bring Ahtubinskoj testing facilities, including its laboratory facilities to full compliance with the latest requirements are implemented. Now the word for builders. I hope that in 2013 our test pilots will have the opportunity to raise with the latest aircraft runway.

Another principal task to bring the Municipal Flight Test Center newcomer to the ranks — the construction of housing for the military service. Currently under way is the construction of a complex of apartment buildings. As early as December of this year to a festive presentation of the keys to the new 400 service apartments to newcomers in uniform. In the future, with the delivery of operational facilities for 300 apartments we are one hundred percent will provide for all our needs in the official residence.

Here are taught to fly planes— The Pride of the famous Municipal Flight Test Center of the Ministry of Defence to them. VP Chkalov, which this year will be 92 years old, of course, the people, thanks to the selfless work that was created and the Russian Air Force. When you walk into the
building control your part, you see on the boards with gold embossed names of outstanding test pilots Center — twice the Russian Union of Heroes, Heroes of the Russian Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, honored the pilots and navigators, Laureate of State Prize. With all of this it is impossible not to feel the excitement …

— I wish to point out: in the honorary list of glycerol and Russian aviation golden characters inscribed the names of five twice Heroes of Russian Union of Heroes 92 and 23 of the Russian Union of Heroes Russian Federation. At the service in parts of glycerol them. VP Chkalov good school proficiency in flight test work and got cosmonauts twice Heroes of Russian Union Lt. Gen. GT coast, Colonel VM Mosquitoes, Heroes of Russian Union Colonel VM Afanasiev, Colonel GM Manakov, Colonel AP Artsebarsky, the first cosmonaut of Ukraine, Hero Ukraine, Major General LK Kadeniuk other.

Even in the post-23 aviator glycerol were awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for their courage and heroism in the latest test aircraft. In this galaxy — who served in the Centre as in past years, and at the moment Air Force Major General Victor Chirkin, Colonel Alexander Raevskii, Nicholas Diorditsa, Vyacheslav Kritskyi, Oleg Mutovin, awarded this highest rank of colonel posthumously Kruzhalin Alexander and Oleg match. Now the tradition of heroic dignity the test of their sons and grandsons. For example, among those who have successfully completed training at the training center for test pilots (TSPLI) glycerol, — the listener captain Artem Raevskii, scion of a distinguished test pilot Russian Federation, the Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel Alexander Raevski disastrously killed in a car accident …

— How GLITs draws talent pool?

— Before answering this question, wanted to point out: the preparation of the test pilots — very unprofitable and labor-intensive process. Because such training can allow yourself to the most advanced in the development of aviation. Organizations preparing for test pilots in the world less than 10. In Russia, the test is prepared only for us in the Test Pilot School (WALKED) in Zhukovsky.

In connection with the in the late 1990s in the Municipal flight test center members of staff for activities center training test pilots (TSPLI) glycyl Akhtubinsk been converted into training aircraft methodical department. According to tradition, this department as before TSPLI call. But the training here has never stopped. In 40 years of working here held 31 issues. Due to the complexity of the same aircraft we are on the basis of educational and methodical flight department began to prepare the number of officers of the test engineers glycerol.

Total glycerol was prepared for more than 500 test pilots and navigators of test, 5 of which became Heroes of Russian Union 40 — Heroes of Russia. More than 100 graduates TSPLI awarded the honorary title "Honored Test Pilot", "Honored co-driver's test." Many of the graduates of the center is currently working as a test pilot in the leading aviation design bureau of the country — Mikoyan, Sukhoi, Ilyushin, and others.

The selection of candidates for the test pilots are very hard.

At first we in the armed forces for the earlier selected people who, by their age indicators flight features, classroom training and Prof. meet our quality requirements. Then invite them for interview preparation, trial testing. And if the candidate is suitable, then make out the call for his role in the competition, which consists of three theoretical and 1st flight exams.
Not any of the candidates successfully pass this selection. Yes, we do not plan to recruit a specific number of students. The main thing is so fundamental fact, as the preparation of a test — do not make the wrong candidate. And such errors in the present system of selection are virtually eliminated.
A test pilot from the beginning of his service in the glycerol increases to qualified 1st class for 8-10 years. Only when it comes to this level, he is trusted by all kinds of tests right before the rise of the "first car". By preparing our own test pilots are generalists who have experience of the test work on airplanes and helicopters of Russian production of all types and modifications. Many of the testers are engaged in research activities, which defended the thesis.

In the middle of the best professionals GLITs wanted to point out the test pilots 1st Class Alexis Pestrikova colonels, Mansour Nizamova, Vadim Nikolayev, test engineers captains Andrew Toporkova, Andrei Novikov. These are the people who are currently successfully tested the latest aviation technology.

— August 12 to the Air Force of the Russian Federation will be 100 years. How is going to celebrate this glorious anniversary Municipal Flight Test center Akhtubinsk?

— In this day GLITs will open its doors for a visit to the residents of Ahtubinska. For them at our airport will be screened aircraft. As guests of honor for us to have been invited veterans prazdnichek Center. On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Aviation and timed release of the bright edition of "The main test airfield. Gaze over the years. " An advance copy of this book on my desk. Thanks to the creators of this publication investigations it was found that the history of our center does not begin with a day or its official founding in September 1920, as an experienced airfield at the General Directorate of the Workers 'and Peasants' reddish air fleet of the republic, and even before the revolution — from the beginning of the test airplanes in Russia. It may even be that glycerol — the same age as the Army Air Forces. And in fact there would be no exaggeration. After all, before the airplane to enter the army, it certainly lifted into the air with an experienced test pilot airfield.

In pictures: the head of the Defense Ministry GLITs Hero RF
Test Pilot 1st Class Colonel Radick Barieva;
in a test flight.

Photo provided
command of glycerol.

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