There is a manhunt or identification system friend or foe

2 May 2011 the forces of DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six) was destroyed by Osama bin Laden.
Only 38 minutes took an active phase of "Operation Neptune Spear".
The reliability of this action (destruction Terrorists number 1) can be cast outside of this article, although there are some facts:
1) from 2001 to 2010 on the death of Bin Laden was reported 6 times or more …
2) of the 23 Special Forces DEVGRU, specifically involved in the operation, 22 were killed at the same time August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan. The official version — "helicopter was shot down by a missile."

It's not about the operation, and that it helped. Before killing aim to:
-identify it (a set of related strictly personal attributes providing exactly to "identify" the goal in the middle of other similar objects)
-determine the geographic location, location.
-identify the purpose of the group of other objects (mass, family, attendants), not to be destroyed.
-carry out tracking of the target before the strike (liquidation).

These tasks are formulated in a hidden program there Pentagon under the title "tags, tracking and search for" or TTL.
In the XX-XXI century, sharply outlined the problem of identification of their own fighter, who are at risk to fall under the fire of their "own", and surveillance tracking possible opponent.

The first contract was signed with the U.S. DoD by Blackbird Technologies.

Simple development — development of infrared beacons, which are used as soldiers and covert agents. Lighthouse is a programmable infrared lamps operating in pulsed or continuous mode and power supply. The light emitted by such a beacon, not visible to the naked eye, but will take a good night vision device (NVD) or thermal imager:

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Disadvantages: the enemy or an interested party to the cover-up may simply mimic infrared tags to enter the search engines or the identification system in the "misleading" because of easy availability of such equipment (Abstract Al-Qaeda from 2009, dedicated to the strategy of spies from the local population, who are working for United States).

Similar IR beacons are used in the U.S. Army in order to helicopter pilots and operators of the UAV could distinguish them from enemy fighters. Now IR tags already obsolete.

It is understood that field agents were at the disposal of special mobile phones, kitted integrated IR laser. In the dusty air, the laser beam is visible from a great distance in night vision or thermal imaging, which allows the agent to point to the target without approaching it. In addition, such "Laser phone" can provide real-time Cueing missiles Hellfire, which potentially reduces the possibility of collateral damage.

The development of the second generation — quantum dot on the map.

The company introduced a product Voxtel NightMarks. It is a clear liquid consisting of tiny nanocrystal quantum dots based on cadmium selenide. The material can absorb UV (200-400 nm) or infrared (700-1600 nm) radiation, and then transfer energy to the excellent specific nanocrystalline phosphors that glow in the visible (400-700 nm) and near-infrared range .

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Quite a cause fluid odezhku or human skin (the usual handshake with UAV or other method), and UAV spy able to track down firmly colorful label from a great distance.

By changing the optical properties of quantum dots, you can create spectral bar codes, allowing you to track down and firmly identify a huge number of objects.

Tiax company is working on a similar labels, which can break down over time, which reduces the possibility of turmoil and the possibility of detection.

RFID-chip design ("Stolen" in the store).

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Principle label products in warehouses and stores (range of actions — a few hundred meters).

Until nedavneshnego time used in the main for the identification of their own forces on the battlefield and in the movements.

Company Sandia National Laboratories has developed a special RFID-tags capable of responding to a radar pulse and with high accuracy the position of the object. RFID-tags from Sandia have a radius of 20 km.

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Feature of the technology is the highest secrecy — tags "speak" only after irradiation special radar pulse.

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Small RFID-tags can work with small radar like M600 SpotterRF, using radio waves X-band (detection range up to 1 km pedestrian and vehicle — up to 1.5 km). Radar equip GPS sensor and integrated with the service Google Earth, allowing you to track down the location of the property on an interactive map.

Development of the third generation: Biomarkers and volatile aromatics (LAV).

In 2007 there was information about how to use technology as a spy biomarkers — Organic substances that can identify a person firmly.

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

No details, but perhaps the marker is a protein in which a certain code-encrypted identifier. On the human body such as the label looks ordinary bruise, you can take off all clothes, carefully wash and shave off all his hair, but a small inconspicuous biometka will allow to identify the object in any way. The strategy of using biomarkers is a mystery, especially with respect to the reading disk imaging and deployment biometki. At the theoretical level, a biomarker can remain in a person for a lifetime, which allows fast identify terrorist who poses as another pe

LOVE technology of the company's Tracer Detection Technology involves the introduction of unique fragrances, allowing accurately identify an object from the crowd wanted. Specialists have invented a special wax pencil filled perfluorocarbons thermally with measured compounds which pairs may be monitored by means of different sensors, for example, a gas chromatograph.

Quite hold a pencil on the facility surveillance, and he spent several hours will emit specific, inconspicuous to the human nose smell.

With all of this in isolation tightly locked room or a dozen clothing items do not help — according to a study presented by the Ministry of Justice in the United States, PFC markers fall through the closed windows, containers and locked suitcases.

Residual traces of the marker is retained even after painstaking flushing.

Drawback of all these technologies: need a specific or intimate contact with the object to its labeling.

Development of the third generation — the remote system object identification in the face of man.

The company Photon-X will use the full potential of today's high resolution cameras and algorithms for constructing three-dimensional models of the human face. Used any of the available optical recordings (TV interviews, surveillance cameras), infrared (motion sensor), rentgenosnimki (health).

Total number of frames the new device will be able to make a unique model of a person, with all this by analyzing the movement of facial muscles creates a detailed profile of the human head, which increases the reliability of identification and allows you to charge it by bot.

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Brand new system not only will allow for people to look inconspicuous, but also, for example, an autonomous bot will find the desired person in the confusion of battle, during the meeting or during the search of the building.

On the UAV detection is possible to use cameras c BUG EYE technology from BAE System.

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Perhaps elements of these technologies have been applied in the "Operation Neptune Spear".

The new stealth drone RQ-170 Sentinel was seen in 2010-2011 at Kandahar Airfield and caused confusion professionals neuzh something to fight with the Taliban, which has no air defense?

There is a manhunt or identification system "friend or foe"

Maybe, RQ-170 was used for the United States of hidden surveillance inside Pakistan which SAM has a huge park and fighters.
Thanks for Pakistani radar invisible RQ-170 and found bin Laden's courier, who had come to visit him from time to time in an expensive car, and then he bin Ladan was identified and destroyed.

According to the materials of websites, BAE Sysmems

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