There will be Russian to make any gifts to Minsk before the election


Tsigankov: How realistic is it to expect that before the presidential elections, the parties fail to agree on energy issues?

Koktyish: The probability of this is not very large. Moscow just at the end of next year and should start the BTS-2 and the "Nord Stream" — pipelines that let oil and gas bypassing Belarus.

And I think that by the time it starts, nothing will happen. Moscow will have to wait until it settled down a new balance of power, as it can take over. The new parameters are not developed, Belarus still not used that it has become more "easy" nor Russia has realized that it has become more significant.

Tsigankov: But what is the price of gas for the new year be installed?

Koktyish: Separate negotiate just no need.

Separately, there is no need to negotiate.

After all, Belarus, according to the contracts in 2006, is due out on Polish discount price with the condition of a short arm delivery. Legally, the formula for the price of gas is just there. Another thing is that these prices are not satisfied with Belarus. But legally this issue today fully settled agreements in 2006.

TsigankovAlexander Lukashenko went to Moscow, where on December 9 will attend a meeting of the Eurasian Economic Community, as well as sitting in the supreme body of the Customs Union. This will be the first meeting between Lukashenko and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Medvedev after the famous video message. Can you predict what form will this meeting?

Koktyish: I think it will be the official format, which will have a few options for informal resolution of issues. Long soured relations, and they can not improve in a moment.

Russia will not make any gifts to Minsk before the election. I think we are seeing the beginning of a new era in the relationship. What will she do not know neither Moscow nor Minsk. But it seems that it will be quite difficult era.



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