They know their past life


In the 60's of last century in a Lebanese villages Professor Ian Stevenson spoke and wrote stories of unusual children who remember the details of their previous lives.

The first acquaintance with the scientist took a six year old Imad Al accident. The first words uttered nesmyshlenogo Imad, were "Jamila" and "Mahmoud". Relatives of the boy were very surprised, because no one of them has not been invited. Later, he began to talk frequently the word "Khirbi."

At the age of Imad saw a stranger on the road, ran up to him and started hugging. When the traveler asked the boy: "Do not you and I know you?" Imad quickly replied that it was a good neighbor. As it turned out, the man came from the village of Khirbi, located thirty kilometers of the mountain range.

It took several years. The boy learned to talk coherently, and his amazing stories to his mother and sister continued. He remembered the beauty of Jamila, about his life in Khirbi where he always wanted to go, and also talked about the accident when he was a close relative of the truck wheels fractured leg and he died shortly thereafter. When a complacent against other relatives to the amazing stories of Imad, his father strictly forbade his son to talk about his past life, the head of the family irritated even the idea that his child is someone's incarnation …

Zaineresovanny unusual phenomenon, Stevenson had long conversations with Imad, questioned his family, and then hit the road over the ridge to the village Khirbi. Here the professor learned that back in 1943 the truck really knocked the young man by the name of Pollock Bugamzi family, he died of traumatic shock. It was unfortunate cousin Ibrahim, who was in the village of oslavlen promiscuous life with his mistress Jamila. Ibrahim contracted tuberculosis and died very young — at the age of 25. The last six months of his life he was confined to bed, and uhazhivap him by his uncle, Mahmoud. It turned out that the house in which Ibrahim spent his last years, was aptly described by Imad boy. A man who lived next door to Khirbi, was thus a stranger, who hugged the boy.

So Ian Stevenson found that of the 47 facts that Imad said about his previous life, 44 correspond to the facts of the life of Ibrahim Bumgazi.

Over twenty-five years of research, Professor Stevenson has collected about thousands of cases of phenomenal "Reincarnation". He communicated with hundreds of storytellers, telling him about the events that took place even before their birth. And the evidence gathered by Stevenson — the lives of people whose identities are soon in newborns, was cut short prematurely or violently. Although this does not mean that regenerate only died a violent death …
However, the violent death of a person leaves deep scars not only in the shower, but also on the body reincarnated — often exactly where mortal wounds fell, broke off his previous life. This fact can be seen in the case described by scientists Brazilian Institute of Mental and biophysical studies.

Girl Tina, who was born in Sao Paulo and worked there in a law office, from early childhood knew his name and details of his former life. "Then," her name was Alex, and her mother — Angela, they lived in France. Until now, Tina loves all things French and fiercely hated the Germans because of her "during the occupation shot from a rifle Nazi soldiers." Evidence of this, according to the girls are strange tribal markings on her chest and back, they really resemble the prolonged wound from a bullet. According to doctors, the exact same traces remain in the human body, if the bullet enters the chest, punches right through the heart and out the back.

Here is another interesting case.

Joan Grant was born in 1907 in a strict host family. When a young age her brain began to overflow the memory of a past life in a distant land, and in the past, she naturally asked for advice from their parents. In response I heard a categorical prohibition to raise this topic … Even as an adult lady, Joan took a trip to Egypt. The ancient land called it such vivid memories of the times of the Pharaohs, the ladies decided to record them in detail. Got a lot of texts, but details were sketchy. However, with the full support of her husband, a psychiatrist, Joan managed by his memories to write a book "Winged Pharaoh", published in 1937.

It told about the life of seket, the daughter of Pharaoh, who ruled three thousand years ago. The critics, scholars, and especially appreciated the work of Egyptologists young writer, paying tribute to her profound knowledge of the history and culture of ancient Egypt. While they are very concerned to doubt the statement by Joan that she was at one time seket … Memories have enough material for another six historical novels successfully published Joan, who, according to the author, "are nothing like the chronicles of my past lives."

Many tend to think of the above and thousands of these cases, however, simply fabrications or hallucinations, which originated in the brains of tired or sick people … But what a wonderful hallucinations, so accurately describe the reality? Then, say the skeptics, those memories of the past have been someone else read lodmi with paranormal abilities. But none of the above cases, the heroes of "reincarnation" possessed psychic abilities.

And the information received psychically, usually sketchy, unrelated, while memories of degenerative people have been consistently ranked in one big story, one destiny …
It is known that Hindus and Buddhists believe — people's actions set in motion a force or the law of karma, which determines the fate of the person in the next birth.

Soul carrying cargo negative karma accumulated as a result of the unjust actions in a previous life, all the forthcoming incarnation must atone for past sins. Therefore, human life — just a stage in the development of the soul, which will repeatedly return to earth in the bodies of different people before it reaches perfection. Such a spiritual and religious concept allows people to put up with the hardships of everyday life is not always fair. It prepares everyone for a rewarding meeting with the inevitable, at the same time making it clear that life always has meaning and purpose. And finally, it gives people hope for eternal life.

"Interesting newspaper. Unknown World" № May 2012

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