Thousands of jellyfish washed up on a beach near Kaliningrad

Thousands of jellyfish washed up on a beach near KaliningradScientists argue that it is not related to the environmental probemy.

Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea beaches in recent days stranded hundreds of thousands of jellyfish. All of them are killed, as are land-based. Groomed by storm waves sea sand literally bounces in the sun of the dead animals, which resemble small glass lenses.

The reasons for this phenomenon we told Head of Department of the Museum of the World Ocean aquarium Hope Makeev:

— This is a natural withdrawal from life. Medusa gave offspring, came close to the shore, and the waves carried them to the beach. This is usually a long-eared jellyfish in our area is in early October. Those jellyfish, which we were caught for the aquarium museum, unfortunately also died. They were traumatized at capture and transportation to Kaliningrad.

As already reported, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", at the end of last August in the sea off the Zelenogradsk and virtually the entire coast of the Baltic Sea has appeared countless beautiful eared jellyfish. This phenomenon has delivered many pleasant minutes rest. Part goad animals, also known as the organisms, scientists have caught for the aquarium Museum of the World Ocean.

Interestingly, the two weeks before the "suicide" of jellyfish was amber storm. The sea shore kilograms of fine amber. True, there are some pretty decent copies solar stone — stones up to two centimeters in length.

Olga Goncharova

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