Time for campaigning is less …

Since the beginning of the campaign's been more days than left to complete it. During this time, some of the presidential candidates have never visited the region.

In the provincial cities and towns do not, for example, pickets Dmitry Uss, remains little known Victor Tereshchenko. Prevail here agitators Vladimir Neklyaeva, Andrei Sannikov, Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich. On the daily work of agitators inform regional correspondents of "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

The most "live" pickets in the alternative candidates

In the past two days in Gomel most actively behave Neklyaeva team of Vladimir and Andrei Sannikov, Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich — alternative presidential candidates. They organize pickets and pasting propaganda leaflets on certain city officials billboards.

And activists Neklyaeva hold pickets campaign not only in the center of the city, but also in the so-called "sleeping" districts.

On Friday 3rd December Natalia Shchukin th Alexander Protsko stood on the highway near the Rechitsa Davydov market.

For Neklyaeva campaigning Protsko Alexander and Natalia Shchukin.

Protsko"Good day! Our candidate — Nekljaev Vladimir Prokofievich. Nate vizytovachku you. How will questions — call. Elections go on until Sunday! Prematurely not go up, do not vote. Only on Sunday! Only on Sunday come and vote for Neklyaeva for Sannikov, for Romanchuk ».

In addition to vizytovak agitators give into the hands of the voters neklyaevskie leaflets: "I am come that they may have won."

Catherine, a resident of the neighboring house to the market:

"I saw — well, that close. And I just came up here. Lukashenko to I do not even fit to be honest, see. Not fit all. Reasons are."

A friend of Catherine, who identified herself as Lyudmila, continues to picket near Neklyaeva election topic in Belarusian, mentions the appearance of candidates on television:

"We've come a second time. We subscribe to the newspaper" New Era "- we want to know the opposition thought. To compare Saw Romanchuk with two potatoes, Neklyaeva-poet, Sannikov, a former deputy minister of foreign affairs."

Why Lukashenko did not go on vacation for a month before the election?

Gomel resident Alexander said that information pickets voters big hope, as a presidential candidate did give a little time on television. Voters do not have the opportunity to get acquainted with how to alternate nominees for president:

"Pickets, so that helped. Very little time for performances in television. Little is known of who, what, where? Gave them a little talk — that's all. It can not be that we have only one president. We've got intelligent people "

Look near the picket Neklyaeva Davydov market pro-government association "Belaya Rus" presented today picket for Lukashenka.

Picket for Lukashenko near Davydov market.

Local resident Mr Michael asks young people with red-green scarf around his neck:

"The big claim. So I ask the young: Why is a direct violation of the Constitution Lukashenko, why he did not go on vacation for a month before the election and why? — I'm asking. They are silent."

Vitebsk Region

"For what day and in cold weather, and stand in the cold"

In Vitebsk, there are only two of the picket, and both — in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva.

One of them is located near the monument to Lenin in the eponymous square. The flag of the "Tell the Truth" and a tablet with a portrait of the candidate can be seen from a distance, but people are not suited to the picket line very much.

Picket on Lenin Square in Vitebsk

"Mistress," Ms. Zoe, says that is a picket for a week. By our speech joins two other passers-by, which has already become masters of age.

Mrs."I stand for the sixth day today, and in the cold, and stand in the cold. People come, express their opinions, many are waiting for change. And I myself believe that there should be a rotation of personnel."

FIRST GENTLEMAN"But all this is not serious! There is no clearly defined leader. Not catch hold. And little information. Well, Nekljaev that — and somehow not very …"

Second, Mr."I listened to him — he just vilify all, it is only a good one!"

FIRST GENTLEMAN"Still nothing this young man, or as it Rymashevski. But he's 30 years old, so Rymasheuski. Him for another year 5 study should be controlled. And this is not our Push already, because he is in power, for it is held. He changed the constitution, everything has changed. us for fools keep it clear. But no more worthy candidates. no clear leader, you know? "

Agitators for Vladimir Neklyaeva trying to convince passers-by that is worthy, and it is the leader of the "Tell the truth."

The debate about the candidate

The second rally in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva located far from the first — for which 400 meters, in the square named after Gorovtsa, opposite the entrance to the Smolensk market.

The protesters say that most people there on the weekends when people go through some kind of purchase. But now, on a weekday, about the picket guy stopped at the twenty-fifth year he says he saw Vladimir Neklyaeva television appearance, and he did not like the speaker:

"He just threw empty phrases.'s Like, you know, words to the sky. I do not see anyone worthy, I listened to all — and I do not see anyone worthy, including our current".

The guy retired objection that stopped at the rally:

"Each nation is worthy of its ruler! And you can not stay away from the elections. There are many candidates, all different programs, and you can still choose the candidate whose program is closer to you!"

Rally in the square named after Gorovtsa

Galina, which stands in a demonstration for Neklyaeva, shares observations about how Vitebsk voters discuss the candidates:

"Everyone expresses their opinion. People are going to vote for. However, on the Uss or Gregory Kastusiou I have not heard anything to ask.'s Lukashenko, Nekljaev, Sannikov — they are more interested."

Agitators for Vladimir Neklyaeva complain that little promotional materials that you can hand out to passersby. There are only a card with a phone number where you can voice their suggestions to the candidate.

Lenin Street — with a new picket placard

Vitebsk opposition Boris Khamaida, campaigning for a boycott of the elections, every week there is a so-called "blue house" in Lenin Street with a new poster.

Boris Picket Khamaida

At his rally also stop passersby to consult or argue.

Guy"I always Boris Hononovich support! I'm yo
ung, he was already an adult and a better understanding of what it takes to Belarus"

Girl"And for us there is not panaadnachayuts if I do not go to the polls? I think it's better to go and put at least its" no. "

Vitebsk passers-react to the appearance of pickets. And the fact that so few of them, explain the pressure from the government — say, going to campaign for an alternative candidate, anyone can lose their job, and therefore risky so little.


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